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Colorful capsule wardrobe for the cold season: yes!

Is your clothing for the colder seasons sober and heavy? Follow our tips to get a colorful capsule wardrobe.

Who says a capsule wardrobe always has to be neutral? We bring you all the secrets to get one colorful capsule wardrobe and happier – even when the cold sets in.

Raise your hand if your wardrobe for the cold seasons is more sober than that of the warmer seasons. Would you like to know how to add a little color without having to wear summer dresses or beach cover-ups?

Yes, we can predict gray days. but your looks they don’t need to be either.

Whether it’s from colorful pieces you already own, whether you’d like to add one or another to your wardrobe, the important thing is to add the right touches of color to yours. lookin order to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look.

It doesn’t matter if you like to combine different colors and patterns, or if you prefer more monochromatic looks, and don’t even think that we are talking about combining the sequined sweater with the pink velvet pants. There is outfits amazing and full of color that you can wear all year round, even when the sky is full of dark clouds and the thermometers make us want to wear only black and brown.

Check out our tips.

To start adding pieces of color to your capsule wardrobe, select between two to four pieces of different colors that you like, depending on how colorful you want it to be. Choose colors that are timeless for you and that work well with the rest of your wardrobe.

The remaining tones should be more or less neutral, so that it is easier to build different looks.

Combine color with neutral pieces

Neutral pieces should be the basis of your capsule wardrobe. These will balance out the colored pieces while enhancing them.

From neutral pieces you will be able to create more combinations and looks.

If you opt for a neutral bottom like beige or white, add a colorful top. If, for example, you want to wear a white satin top, combine it with pink or green pants.

Neutral + color for a casual look

Combine a colorful sweater with more neutral looks for a more cheerful look.

Neutral + color to work

And who said it’s not possible to build more cheerful looks to take to the office? Straighter, tailored trousers, with a classic-cut overcoat, allow you to abuse sweaters and accessories – without fear!

Opt for smooth pieces

Plain pieces are usually more versatile and easier to match.

But you don’t have to stop wearing that floral print blouse that you love so much! Choose, however, to combine it with neutral and smooth pieces.

By combining monochrome pieces, you will achieve an elegant and sophisticated result.


Plain pieces = more possible looks

Plain pieces are easier to match, however, don’t be afraid to use patterned pieces so you don’t deviate from your style.

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Play with the accessories

Are you afraid to add colorful accessories to your look? The important thing is to put together a look with two or three different colors.

The safest option is to opt for more neutral accessories when wearing more colorful pieces of clothing, and bolder accessories with more neutral pieces.

Use those colorful handkerchiefs that belonged to your mother and grandmother, or that red wallet you don’t know how to use. The important thing is to always achieve a harmonious look and know which pieces to combine with. Colorful accessories call for softer pieces of clothing, and more neutral accessories can be used with more vibrant pieces.


Accessories bring color in a simple way

Add a splash of color to more neutral looks with a brightly colored wallet or scarf.

follow your style

Use and abuse your favorite colors. The secret to a capsule wardrobe is to regularly wear the pieces you love and feel comfortable in.

If you love soft tones, this is the right dose of color for you. If, on the other hand, you love strong and vibrant colors, be bolder.

Your main focus should be on making the pieces you like the most result in a look full of style and personality.


Define and don’t be afraid of your style

Don’t run away from your identity, and wear your favorite clothes in the colors you like the most.

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As you’ve seen, the next seasons don’t need to be gray. Bring a little color and joy to your days through our tips.

Organize your closet and see if there are any pieces you’d like to put together. Instead of buying several pieces of lesser quality and at lower prices, invest in one or another of higher quality so that they can last you longer.

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