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Color trends for 2021 according to color palettes

Choose the colors to paint a house It is a practice of great importance when decorating a property, especially if you have just acquired your new home.

During the real estate exhibition ‘Expo Your New Home’the color experts from COMEX presented the conference “2021 color trends for your new home” under the guiding axis of “Resilience”, a concept inspired by the perseverance and drive that Mexicans have presented to overcome the shocking events of 2020.

Derived from the need to calm the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, COMEX designed 4 color palettes focused on taking a positive approach to the current situation. Meet them now!

Which are the color trends for 2021 of COMEX?

  • Dark and contrasting colors
  • Earthy colors inspired by Mexico
  • Soft and harmonious colors
  • Happy and positive colors

Dark and contrasting colors – Trend Shadow

The Shadow trend is defined as contrasting, decadent, immersive and sensual.

The Sombra color palette, comprised of both earthy and cool tones, features a color trend for 2021 Inspired by the uncertainty and drama of the current situation.

Sombra is an immersive trend that plays with light and darkness and the contrast of colors through dark backgrounds on the walls that allow you to experiment with the furniture and room lightingseparating the interior of the home from the outside world.

Among the interior design elements that Sombra suggests incorporating are painting abstract figures, patterns and shapes on the walls, painting door frames in contrasting colors, and incorporating floor-to-ceiling lighting. Sombra also recommends using whimsical finishes and rich colors on the floors of the home, as well as contrasting wood finishes that allow the grain of this material to show through.

Earthy colors inspired by Mexico – Milpa Trend

The Milpa trend is defined as futuristic, symbiotic, earthy and tonal.

This palette of colors to paint the house It is composed of similar tones and is inspired by artisans, farmers, indigenous people and recognizes the Mexican resilience to overcome adversity.

The colors of Milpa are inspired by the golden tones of the earth, the quarry, the clay of the Oaxacan mud and crafts such as leather, and seeks to elevate them to a futuristic and ingenious aesthetic.

The Milpa trend encourages the incorporation of open spaces in the interior design, the color blocks on the walls, as well as applying color to the floor of the home. This trend also incorporates rustic wood and handcrafted products made by Mexican artisans. Milpa seeks to highlight natural materials through earthly colors, highlighting the natural grains in the wood and the materials that imitate stone and quarry on the walls.

Soft and harmonious colors – Flora Trend

The Flora trend is described as harmonious, biotechnological, healing and transformative.

Flora seeks to promote the emotional well-being of people during these times of uncertainty through colors that promote the healing of emotions and rest for the body.

The color trend for 2021 that Flora suggests incorporates soft colors inspired by Mexican herbalism and the healing power of plants such as lavender, a flower highly associated with relaxation and tranquility. The harmonious spaces created from the balance of colors in the Flora palette not only promote healing, they also create a perfect space for reflection with the aim of transforming ourselves and taking responsibility for our personal well-being.

In this design and color trend, it is suggested to incorporate natural elements such as flowers, metallic finishes and reflective surfaces that increase the luminosity of the rooms, as well as imitations of materials such as marble.

Happy and positive colors – Alegra Trend

Alegra’s tendency is described as dynamic, multifunctional, positive and unifying

through this color trend for 2021 It seeks to create spaces inside the home that convey comfort and satisfaction, in order to lose the fear of finding ourselves alone during the health emergency and opt for a more positive vision.

Alegra’s color palette, dominated by blue tones with yellow and pink accents, is perfect for developing creativity and experimenting with home decoration, creating transitional and multifunctional spaces that allow the development of work life activities or student in the same place where we live our daily lives.

This trend suggests incorporating color and brightness on the floor of homes, especially in the case of concrete, color blocks on the walls and wooden elements with bright and translucent nuances.

Banquet, the color of the year

Derived from the Alegra color palette, the color experts at COMEX have named Feast the shade of the year for 2021. Banquet is an organic midtone yellow color that is defined as elegant, emotional, interactive, metamorphic and positive.

Depending on how this is accompanied color to paint the houseBanquet can be used to create sober spaces with the combination of dark and contrasting colors or relaxing spaces if accompanied by the soft tones of the Flora trend.

Banquet’s golden tones encourage self-awareness and inspire us to be positive and resilient in a time of uncertainty, while holding out hope that the worst is over and things are about to get better.

By incorporating Banquet and other shades of yellow and gold in your new home, you can create a bright and energetic home that exudes joy, an emotion that you surely want to associate with purchase of a new property.

If you still do not have your own home, remember that the end of the year is the perfect time to undertake the purchase of a property. On the real estate portal vivancios you can find a wide variety of options to start 2021 decorating your new home.

Visit the Expo Your New Homeheld from November 23 to 29, to learn more important information about the real estate sector!

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