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Colombians spend almost 6 hours a day on the Internet • ENTER.CO

On average, Colombians are connected to the Internet for 6 hours a day. This was revealed by the Survey of Information Technologies and Communications in Homes (ENTIC Homes) carried out by DANE.

It is surprising that the three departments where people connect the most to the Internet are Guainía with 7.4 hours, Vichada with 6.9 hours and Magdalena with 6.8 hours. Boyacá is the one with the least average with only 4.5 hours. In this context, it is good to know that the cell phone is the device most Colombians connect to the Internet, with 93.9% of use throughout the country. In second place, but far behind, is laptop computers, with 27.8% of the national total. This is followed by the smart TV (with 22.4%) and the desktop computer (with 21.8%).

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The place where the Internet is most used is not at work, but at home with a percentage of 83.7%. While 30% say they connect at the home of a relative or friend. And only 22.8% do it at work. In this survey, citizens were consulted, the reason why they do not carry out procedures online with government entities, yielding a result of 73.6% who prefer to do so in person or by phone. While 57.7% say they do not do it online due to mistrust that the procedure is carried out correctly. Even 55.8% have mistrust about the use that is given to their personal data during these online procedures. Of the main activities that Colombians do on the Internet, 85.4% said they do it to watch video, call or instant message. While 83% of those surveyed use the network to connect on social networks.

Image: Kojo Kwarteng on Unsplash

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