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Colombian entrepreneurs bet on digital • ENTER.CO

GoDaddy’s ‘2021 Entrepreneurship Survey’ reveals that 60% of Colombian entrepreneurs and small business owners are increasingly betting on a digital strategy.

GoDaddy delivered the results of its ‘2021 Entrepreneurship Survey’ in which it collected data from entrepreneurs, micro-businesses (10 employees or less) and small businesses (up to 25 employees) in Mexico and Colombia.

the survey shows how Colombian entrepreneurs have overcome the current situation and continue to develop new sales channels, integrating multiple digital tools into their businesses.

So the results confirm that 45% of the small businesses surveyed were created in the last two years, indicating that they were established immediately before or during the pandemic. In addition, five out of 10 surveyed participants started selling online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, while 60% opt for a strategy that uses physical stores and online sales together.

Technology and social networks are beginning to gain more prominence among entrepreneurs, as a response to current updates to their business and as tools for their growth. According to the study WhatsApp (87%) and social networks (81%) are the most used by entrepreneurs to contact their customers. In addition, these companies use between two and three channels for customer service.

The results also showed that 85% of Colombian entrepreneurs prefer to sell online through a website. Respondents revealed that the use of social networks (69%) and the creation of a digital store (61%) are important for the strategic growth of their company.

Additionally, and88% of respondents considered social media advertising to be the best strategy to help increase their online sales.

The pandemic was a severe blow to global economies. Millions of companies had to reinvent themselves and many people decided to start a new business. With the infinite possibilities of digitality, it is almost inevitable that new businesses have a technological component.

Hyperconnectivity and digital tools allow customers and companies to be just a click away.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

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