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Colombia still without ICT Minister What is happening?

The designated MinTIC minister, Mery Janeth Gutiérrez, did not take office, as several of the ministers appointed by Gustavo Petro have already done. The initial reason was the lack of a diploma for possession, although the Television Program case could have something to do with it.

Shortly after learning of his appointment to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, it was revealed that the firm Programar Televisión, of which Mery Gutiérrez was the majority shareholder, sued the National Television Authority. An indemnity of 45,000 million pesos is required, but this process remained at the head of the MinTIC portfolio because the ANTV was liquidated. This would make her unable to assume the position, however, the new ICT Minister has made a series of decisions in this regard.

Once the case of Programar Televisión became known, Gutiérrez went to the Chamber of Commerce to resign his position as legal representative of the company. Even last August 8, when she had already been appointed as minister, she renounced her rights in the litigation against the MinTIC and for this, she took a certificate to the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca. In addition, she no longer owns 97% of the shares of Programar, but only 58% and the remaining 39% belongs to Francisco Javier Díaz Fajardo.

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It is hoped that with these actions doubts about a presumed inability to assume the position as ICT Minister can be dispelled. However, it is important to consider that Mery Gutiérrez still has the majority of the shares in Programar Televisión. This company that has had contracts with public entities such as Coldeportes, ICBF and the National Television Commission itself. Additionally, the partners of the firm, who are interested in the litigation going in their favor, are very close to the minister. If the appointment of Mery Gutiérrez falls, the period of the U would have to present a new shortlist for the replacement of the ministerial appointment.

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