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Colombia already has a Nintendo digital store • ENTER.CO

It just took… almost a lifetime. But now Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru have an extra option to buy games.

To clear up the confusion: a digital store is different from an e-shop. The new alternative will allow you to buy your digital games without having to have a Nintendo Switch. You will also be able to see the price of the games in your local currency, which will certainly make it easier to keep track of the monthly funds to play.

How does the Nintendo digital store work?

All you have to do is enter one of the following links (depending on your country).

Argentina – www.nintendo.com/es-ar/

Chili – https://www.nintendo.com/es-cl/

Colombia – https://www.nintendo.com/es-co/

Peru – https://www.nintendo.com/es-pe/

After this you will have to enter your Nintendo account, enter the payment details and confirm the amount. At the end you can download the game on the Nintendo Switch that is linked with the selected profile.

Hopefully the Nintendo Digital Store will also mean some extra discounts for Nintendo fans. For now the biggest problem that many will find in the digital store is in the selection of games. Not only are there some that are not directly available (Catherine: Full Body, Cuphead), but also the fact that some titles are only available with certain limitations. For example, you can only get the deluxe version of Shin Megami Tensei V from this store.

Images: Nintendo and screenshot

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