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‘Collaborative ownership’ Lokl’s proposal • ENTER.CO

Lokl, the startup paisa who bets on the collaborative economy to invest in real estate projects, raised more than $1 billion for his first property.

The sharing economy is becoming increasingly popular around the world. The large platforms inspired by this model continue to grow in the region, because people are increasingly willing to share resources.

That is why a paisa entrepreneur, inspired by the collaborative model, devised a digital platform to help young people invest in real estate projects. But Lokl’s differential is that it looks for innovative projects that are attractive to new generations, such as coworking or coliving spaces.

And it is that during the In 2020, the global colivings market raised more than $7,952 million dollars and financing in these spaces increased by 210% between 2017 and 2018 according to the latest Global Colivings report by The House Monk.

In this context, Lokl managed to raise $1,230 million pesos for its first real estate investment project. This is Indie Universe, a coliving for creatives located in the Laureles sector in Medellín. There the community will be able to live, create and grow around spaces such as cafes, creative rooms, experience markets, ‘rooftops’, meditation rooms and even content generation studios.

Camilo Olarte, CEO of Lokl devised his ‘collaborative ownership’ platform from Mix both the Rights Of Use Like the economic rights, since on the one hand it allows users to make use of the spaces through discounts, but also assigns them the category of partners within a community, with which they obtain greater legal protection and guarantees on the percentage of the return of an asset.

“We are a model that is transforming the real estate industry because our clients do not invest in a square meter but in an entire project where they are participating with a community of people who want to grow. That brings greater profitability and also a connection, since we stop thinking about what is mine, what is yours and we talk about our property”, said Olarte.

The objective of the platform is that any user can invest in an affordable way in construction projects related to Colivings, Coworkings and Commerce, a market that is in full development.either in the world and that offers great opportunities for any investor.

In the next weeks Lokl will participate in a seed capital investment round with which it seeks to raise $1 million dollars through a convertible note mechanism, which has the objective of developing and growing the platform in order to expand to other markets such as Mexico and USA.

Image by vectorjuice on Freepik

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