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Coin ritual under the bed to attract prosperity, luck and abundance

Put a coin under the bed It is one of the oldest rituals to attract prosperity, luck and abundance into our lives. It is a popular homemade recipe for its simplicity, but one of the most powerful, according to esoterics.

We can do it if we urgently need money to pay credit cards, any debt or any problem associated with the family economy.

The main element of this ritual, as the name implies, is a coin. This must be current circulation. There are many ways to make this recipe, here we will show you one of the oldest.

In addition to the coin, the other materials you will need to carry out this ritual are: a magnet, a photo of yourself, sandalwood incense, paper and a green ink pen, a color whose energy is in tune with money.

Write your full name, date and city of birth. Write the same behind the photograph. Now light the incense to clean the environment of bad energy.

The coins have passed through dozens of hands, so they have the energy of many people, for this reason, you have to purify the one you will use for this ritual. All you have to do is hold it over the incense and let the smoke “touch” it for at least 1 minute.. Do this same procedure with the magnet.

The next step is to personalize the ritual, to do this, place the coin in your left palm and cover it with your right hand and repeat your name 3 times.

Put your photo and the paper with your data on top of the magnet, and at the top place the coin with its face facing the ceiling. The only thing left is to put these items, as they are, under your bed on the side where you sleep.

If for some reason you cannot place the coin under the bed, there are other alternatives. The Mystic Tarot YouTube channel recommends in these cases putting it on your nightstand, keep it in a drawer that is in the room where you sleep or in your wardrobe. The important thing is that no one touches it.

It is suggested to do this ritual in the morning or afternoon to take advantage of the energy of the Sun in all its splendor. The coin must be left for at least 30 days or a full month, then you will have to give it to anyone, mainly, whoever you see who has economic deficiencies. You can also deposit it in the Church. This last step is important because this is how you are activating the ritual.

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