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Coils in decoration: How to decorate

Home decor can be given a special touch with some unthinkable items. The recycling of what many people don’t even imagine can be used to beautify the home and make the place more practical and agile, is on the rise. Spools made of yarn they can become centerpieces, benches, support for the table glass, chair or a simple decoration accessory, which is beautifying the place.

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Use spools of yarn for home decor (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Coil of wire as a table

to do the wire coil turn a table for the garden, for example, or a servant, just paint it the color of your choice. Pass a clear varnish to finish and place in the desired location. The coffee table, in general, is small, so it is simpler to use the item the way it is, without adding anything.

Table support with coil (Photo: Disclosure)

Coil as table stand

THE bobbin can be used in decoration as support of the table glass time. To do this, simply place the wooden object on a more fixed piece of glass. In the example above a round wooden support was used. In that case, it is advisable to look for an experienced carpenter to make the necessary adaptations.

Chair made with coil can make your home more beautiful (Photo: Disclosure)

THE wire coil can turn into a beautiful chair, with several details and differentials. It all depends on your size so that the chair is very comfortable. In that case, the bigger, the better the space to be accommodated. See in the photo above how your chair made with wooden coil🇧🇷

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Decorate your home with coils (Photo: Disclosure)

coil in decoration

The coil can be a simple decoration element, which is covered by dye, little pieces of flooring and even wall stickers. In all cases, a clear coat of paint is applied and then the craftwork of your choice is carried out. Those who opt for the little pieces of flooring must apply mortar to glue the items. Painting with various shades of paint already makes the object more graceful, and can be used in several places in the house, as a simple component of the decoration.

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