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Coating for the kitchen: photos, how to choose

Coating for the kitchen: photos, how to choose – When it comes to preparing the kitchen project, it is natural for people to be in doubt about defining the coating. Before choosing the appropriate materials, try to take into account the style of decoration and which colors will prevail in the room.

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Coating for the kitchen: photos, how to choose

As the kitchen is a space that has gained increasing emphasis in House decoration, it is very important to take care to choose the right floor, tile or inserts. To increase the feeling of cleanliness and even create the feeling of spaciousness, it is recommended to work with a clear, neutral and discreet type of finish.

In small kitchens, it is necessary to invoke even more the presence of white, after all, the color presents itself as the mark of neutrality and leaves the wider space of what it really is. The effect is even better with cold lighting, capable of highlighting the entire room with diffused light.

How to choose kitchen flooring?

In modern buildings, most kitchens have benefited from environment integration, thus losing some walls to coat. Vertical space is still often used to install built-in furniture and even shelves, adding more functionality to the room.

An important aspect when choosing the coating is the combination. The environment needs to have pieces that establish a harmony according to the colors, proportions and design. Nothing prevents you from making colorful and bolder compositions to let the custom look kitchen🇧🇷

The choice of coating is not just based on an aesthetic issue, in fact the pieces will be installed as one how to protect the kitchen🇧🇷 Both behind the stove and the sink, it is essential to use pieces to cover the walls and avoid problems such as humidity and dirt.

The use of tiles to coat innovates the look of the kitchen.

Types of kitchen flooring

The tile is considered one of the most popular materials for cladding the kitchen, being used to finish the walls. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are usually found in neutral colors and without fancy prints, as the effect does not match a more contemporary and minimalist aesthetic. If in the past tiles measuring 15x15cm were successful, today the tile trends recommend larger tiles.

Old Tiles

This type of tile has gained much notoriety in renovations and new constructions. Today you can find several specialized stores with catalogs especially aimed at this type of tile. It gives a very tasty and homey feel, reminds me of when grandmothers cooked and the whole family got together for that always hearty dinner and family lunches.

The pieces are small, bold and resistant to humidity. They can be used to make details on the kitchen wall, reproducing a very beautiful and striking color game. Try to use creativity to make compositions with great taste and balance.

As the kitchen is an environment that can be affected by humidity, it is important to avoid wooden floors to cover the floor. In this way, prefer ceramic or porcelain tiles, in large sizes to make a beautiful finish on the horizontal surface.

See below some stores where you can find them. wide range of kitchen flooring options🇧🇷

kitchen flooring pictures

Kitchen coverings – Prices

Prices for kitchen coverings vary greatly from place to place and also from the material chosen. Mosaics measuring 30×30 cm are around R$41.90. Other materials are sold by meter² and some may be more affordable when purchasing a meter². Always check the quality of the material, ask for help from professionals who work with construction.


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