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Coating for barbecue: tips

THE grill itself and its entire area, is usually quite eye-catching from its decoration to its coating. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for quality, as the coatings of many barbecues tend to be studied by many people before the investment, so as not to have concerns later about humidity, undesirable colors and various other factors that lead to loss. There are several coatings that can be made on the barbecue that are of quality and still leave the environment beautiful and sophisticated. See and learn more!

Coating for barbecue (Photo: Disclosure)

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Coating for barbecue: tips

THE barbecue area in most houses, it tends to be very popular, especially on weekends, which is a day off and always gathers family and friends to have a barbecue and have a pleasant time. Nothing better than enjoying these moments in the best way with a good barbecue covered with quality material, right? Then check them out one by one and see the results that are great for a good barbecue!

O brick cladding the view was and still is very adopted by people, they are of high quality and only after a long time can they become dark. Before they are built, it is good to plan and analyze the place well so as not to have problems with humidity, otherwise the bricks will darken more quickly. It’s worth investing!

You can find bricks for cladding through the link: www.telhastijolarte.com.br/telhas-tijolarte

Coating with exposed brick (Photo: Disclosure)

Another coating is the marble cladding which is super modern and is essential for anyone who wants the barbecue in a light color or even in black. Inside it can be coated with stainless steel and it is very easy to clean, both inside and out. See how beautiful it is!

Find marbles for barbecue cladding through the link: www.pedraskarina.com.br/churrasqueiras-em-marmore

Marble coating (Photo: Disclosure)

A novelty is the wood clad barbecue, which is super original and few people have at home. The tip to keep it brand new for years is to study mainly the climate of the environment where it will be (what is certain is that it is not exposed to the sun and does not rain or have any humidity) so that the wood does not rot or become dark in color . Notice how different it is!

Check out the link to find great woods for your barbecue cladding: www.madeiramadeira.com.br/departamento/pisos-e-revestimentos

Wood cladding (Photo: Disclosure)

Coating the barbecue with any type of rustic stone also looks beautiful and attracts attention. It requires a rather high investment, but it is also worth it for its quality, even more so if it is covered with marble and stainless steel inside. Bet!

Coating with rustic stone (Photo: Disclosure)

Want more news? Then invest in the barbecue with porcelain coating as below!

Porcelain coating (Photo: Disclosure)

There are several options on the market for every customer’s taste, so just choose and enjoy the good quality that many claim and recommend. Good luck!


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