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CNPJ suspended and cancelled. understand the difference

First, pay attention to the suspended or canceled CNPJ, because from the moment you avoid problems and keep up with your obligations, there will be no problems with this.

What this article covers:

When is the CNPJ suspended?

From the moment the monthly bill is not paid, the annual declaration is not sent, which would be the DASN-Simei, the CNPJ of a MEI will be suspended, in addition to being unable to issue invoices, participate in bids and apply for loans or lines of credit.

Firstly, after the suspension of CNPJ MEI, 95 days will be counted for MEI to pay all its debts and after that period, the Government simply cancels the CNPJ from July 1st to December 31st of every year.

Is it possible to reactivate the canceled MEI?

You will need to make a completely new application, in addition to registering with a CNPJ new, including, it will be impossible to leave the same CNPJ number cancelled.

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Know that having the National Register of Legal Entities and the MEI registration canceled does not remove from the name of the holder all contributions that remain active and need to be paid. They remain pending for a period of 5 years, in which the Government must charge the holder who was an MEI.

If you wish to pay all pending items, you will need to access the Entrepreneur’s Portal to find out the months that have not been paid, generate the guide and settle the contribution.

Through the portal, it is also possible to check annual statements and those that are no longer delivered, in addition to being able to provide a document to be filled out. If you are unable to pay the debts at once, request the installment of your debt through the Simples Nacional website.

Is it possible to query the CNPJ?

As previously mentioned, before the National Register of Legal Entities is cancelled, there is a suspension of 95 days and that is enough time for the MEI to catch up with all its obligations, from the moment this period passes, the CNPJ will be called off. Consult through the internet and if you see something wrong, see through the website of the Federal Revenue.

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