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CLT Net Salary Simulator: how does it work?

The CLT net salary simulator helps a lot when it comes to knowing the amount that the worker will effectively receive, after mandatory discounts and others. The information on the payroll can confuse the worker, and a clearer way to understand it is through simulation on specific calculators, check it out!

What this article covers:

How to make the CLT Net Salary simulator?

The CLT net salary simulator consists of specific calculators, where you just need to fill in the requested information (gross salary, number of dependents, other discounts in addition to INSS and IRRF) for the calculation to be made.

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What documents do companies highlight salary and deduction values?

It is on the payroll, also known as payslip or paycheck, that all deductions debited from the worker’s gross salary are listed. Who takes care of the payroll in a company is the HR sector (Human Resources) or DP (Personnel Department).

What are the CLT Net Salary discounts?

The CLT net salary is the amount that is available to the worker after discounts debited from the gross salary. The main discounts are INSS and IRRF, but some others can also be made. Learn more about them below.

What are the CLT Net Salary discounts

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The INSS is the social security contribution, which guarantees some benefits to the worker. Are they:

  • Illness benefit;
  • Retirement;
  • Maternity pay;
  • Pension for dependents in some cases.

The contribution amount is proportional to the worker’s gross salary: those who receive a high salary contribute a more significant percentage.


Income tax is deducted after the INSS, and also has an increase of R$189.59 per dependent. Like the INSS, the contribution amount is proportional to the worker’s gross salary, which can even be exempt if you have a salary of up to R$1,903.98.

Other discounts

In addition to the discounts mentioned above, which are mandatory, other discounts can also be debited from gross salary. Are they:

  • Transportation vouchers;
  • Health care;
  • Food;
  • Union contribution;
  • Private Pension.

The contracting of payroll loans is also deducted directly from the worker’s payroll.

The CLT net salary simulator can help to better understand the information present in the payroll, as well as the discounts that are being made to correctly determine the amount to be received.

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