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Cloud: Where to take your company’s mission-critical systems?

A common story among companies that emerged throughout the “Covid-19 era” was the acceleration of their business in digital format. Some market sectors comment on a 6-year acceleration in their digital transformation projects. And there is certainly another point of similarity: the search for cloud computing, in its most diverse modalities, as an IT infrastructure capable of supporting such demand.

The “IBM Institute for Business Value”, in partnership with Oxford Economics, interviewed 7,200 executives from 47 countries and identified 4 types of workloads that companies are taking to the cloud: buying and selling computing by paying only for consumption, buying services in hyperscale, application/compute/network providers, and the core operating infrastructure.

And precisely in order to meet these different demands as much as possible, IBM Cloud has improved its services. MZR IBM (Cloud Multizone Region), which completed 1 year in March, enabled an increase in the services offered to customers in Brazil, mainly from the standpoint of resilience, security and high availability – which directly benefits companies with mission-critical applications. in the cloud, where the availability SLA of some services can reach up to 99,995%.

The novelty and one of the great differentials is the investment in security services, such as confidential computing and the “Keep Your Own Key” (KYOK) system, which allows customers to have full control of who accesses their data in the cloud through the use of of cryptographic keys stored on a mainframe in the cloud — not even IBM Cloud administrators with physical access to the data center have access to customer data.

Another important novelty is that the IBM Cloud now has services based on the IBM Power platform, enabling customers to consume on-demand virtual machines running AIX, Linux or IBM i in the assembly of hybrid architectures.

IBM announced in February this year some new cloud services supported by Mainframe – what they call ZaaS on IBM Cloud. In addition to having LinuxONE virtual machines available for consumption on demand, it also has a FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certified HSM (Hardware Security Module) on mainframe – the highest degree of security certification and unique in the global cloud market.

Complementing the ZaaS on IBM Cloud portfolio is Wazi aaS, which delivers Z-native environments for development and testing. In a few minutes a customer can have access to a z/OS environment to develop their applications – here we are not talking about z/OS emulation on x86 – we are talking about native IBM Z instances with performance up to 15x higher than emulators.

In this 1 year of existence, MZR IBM has enabled customers to create more robust and resilient architectures, with a significant increase in the level of security previously offered.

Discover some of IBM’s main solutions:

  • Hyper Protect Services – set of security services on the IBM Cloud to enable confidential computing by protecting data in storage, in transit or in process.
  • Hyper Protect Crypto Services – Cloud-delivered Mainframe hardware-based security module (HSM) for cryptographic key management. It has FIPS 140-2 level 4 certification – unique in the market – and allows only the customer to have access to their data.
  • Hyper Protect DBaaS – MongoDB and PostgreSQL as a service delivered in a LinuxONE container providing integrated data encryption with vertical scalability and excellent performance.
  • Hyper Protect Virtual Servers – protect Linux® workloads on IBM System z and LinuxONE throughout the application lifecycle, from development to deployment and management. Now you can ensure that your applications and data are always private and protected from internal and external threats.
  • IBM Cloud for Financial Services – cloud environment purpose-built to address the demands of the financial industry by providing highly secure environments and a broad ecosystem of industry-relevant partners.
  • ROKS – The most complete managed Red Hat OpenShift offering on IBM Cloud on the market with an SLA of 99.99% availability with full automation of cluster and worker node provisioning.
  • Power Systems Virtual Server (Power VS) – this is the most scalable and unique offer of virtual machines based on a Power processor (RISC) capable of running AIX, Linux and IBM i environments with up to 143 cores available in Brazil. It also has the unique option of running on PowerVS certified SAP environments (S/4HANA & SoH) reducing the TCO of the Customer’s SAP project.
  • SAP on IBM Cloud – wider catalog of SAP certified virtual machines enabling the customer to choose the best architecture and use option between certified bare-metal (physical server), certified virtual machines (VMs), certified VMWare environment (unique in the market) ) and PowerVS certified. IBM currently holds the SAPS benchmark record for a cloud virtual machine which is 907,820 SAPS delivered by an IBM Cloud PowerVS instance.
  • Bare-metal – option for consumption of dedicated physical servers with up to 8 processors for environments that need extreme processing.

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