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Clear your doubts about how to use

Auxílio Brasil came to replace the former Bolsa Família, and aims to help with the income of people who need an extra amount to be taking care of the house. This initiative came to the Bolsonaro government to implement new measures enacted by him to help the poorest.

What this article covers:

Who is the Aid Brazil Application for?

The Auxilio Brasil application is for people who may be entitled to the benefit, to be able to directly monitor the payment days, how the installment payment process is going, what amount will be received in that month, among other important things that the application can offer.

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What are the benefits of the Auxilio Brasil program?

Auxílio Brasil has the benefit of helping with the income of thousands of Brazilian families who need government support. This makes the control of low-income people greater, because with the help of the aid, they can be making the purchase of the month, and supporting their families.

What are the additional benefits of Auxilio Brasil?

In addition to the amounts made available to families, the Auxílio Brasil has additional benefits such as:

  1. Citizen Child Aid: A value is granted for access to children in full-time or part-time day care centers.
  2. Compensatory transition benefit: For those who used Bolsa Família and had a reduced benefit value due to the transition to the new format.
  3. School sports aid: For young people in the family that uses the aid, who stand out in sports competitions.
  4. Rural Productive Inclusion Aid: aims to encourage producers and buyers of organic products for consumption or production.

With the addition of other projects in the future, this list will start to grow.

Auxilio Brasil: how to access the Application

To access the Auxílio Brasil application, simply access the application store on your cell phone, and search for the same name. Once you find it, you can download it, and access it from your cell phone.

Application Auxilio Brasil: how can I check the installments

To check the benefit installments, just access the application, use your credentials to access your account, you can use the same Caixa Tem password, which was used to pay the emergency aid. If you don’t have a Caixa Tem password, you can create a new one right away.

Auxilio Brasil application: how can I see the payment schedule

At the bottom, in the middle of the application, you can see the “calendar” option, click on it and you will have all the necessary information on the payment of the benefit and the amounts.

Is there a way to move money through the Auxilio Brasil App?

As the aid is directly linked to Caixa Tem, through the other application, as soon as the amount is paid, you can move money. The Auxílio Brasil application is for information purposes only.

Can you register the card password through the application?

It is not possible to register the card password directly through the application, it is only possible through the Caixa agency or call the exclusive service at number 111, having the necessary documents in hand.

Is there a way to know if I have been approved for the benefit through the Auxilio Brasil application?

Yes, to find out if you have been approved to receive the aid, you can find out through the application or through your Single Registry, depending on how you want to view this process.

How to know if the real APP of Auxilio Brasil?

To visualize this veracity and not fall for scams on the internet, the application is only available through official platforms such as the Apple Store and play storeany application outside of these official stores, has a dubious character.

Even being in the official stores, an important point to check is to observe below the name of the application if the developer of the same is Caixa Econômica Federal, if it does not have that name as a developer, it certainly will not be the official one.

Auxílio Brasil came as a way for the new government to implement rules so that the different social classes can meet their daily needs, and live with dignity, having something to eat every day.

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