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Clear your doubts about how it works

ProUni 2022 aims to bring higher education to low-income people. The program, active since 2004, offers vacancies at private universities for all applicants who took the Enem in the year prior to enrollment.

To get the desired scholarship, the student must meet some prerequisites and prove them through the necessary documentation before enrolling in the university. Check below how ProUni 2022 works and ask your main questions about the program and its benefits.

What this article covers:

What is Prouni and what are its rules?

ProUni is a program that offers scholarships at private universities for students who cannot afford the costs. It is aimed at low-income students across the country and offers two types of scholarships: Full and Partial.

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In the full scholarship modality, ProUni is able to cover all student fees during all years of higher education. In the partial modality, the government pays only 50% of the tuition, the rest is for the student.

For both types of scholarships, there are some rules that the student must follow in order to effectively compete for a scholarship at the chosen university. Are they:

  • Have an income between 1.5 and 3 minimum wages for each member of the family;
  • Possess some type of disability;
  • Being a public school teacher;
  • Having completed high school in a public school or having received a scholarship from a private school;
  • Not having a degree in other higher education courses;
  • Having obtained a minimum score of 450 in the Enem sum.

Currently, ProUni 2022 has plans for some changes. A provisional measure provides that students who completed high school in private schools will also be able to apply for scholarships. This measure will be able to act from July of this year.

When and how to enroll in the program?

The registration procedure for ProUni 2022 is done online, through the official website of the ProUni?? The first step is to click on the button that indicates the start of registration. Once this is done, it is necessary to enter all the requested data and create a password for the account.

After filling in all the personal data, the candidate will be able to answer a form about the income and the group that fits. Afterwards, just choose two course options available on the platform and follow the cutoff grade until the end of the term. This year, registration opens on the 28th of January.

What is the relationship between Prouni and Enem 2022?

To enroll in ProUni 2022, it is necessary to have taken the previous year’s Enem. At the time of registration on the ProUni platform, it is necessary to inform the Enem registration number so that the grade is computed.

In this way, ProUni manages to select students by comparing the grades of all who compete for the same vacancy at the institution.

How does the use of the Enem score for ProUni work?

According to the rules used by ProUni 2022, students who have the highest Enem grades get the scholarship. If there is a tie between two students with the same grade, the highest grade in the essay will be used.

It is only possible to participate in the Enem who reaches 450 points in the objective tests and a score greater than zero in the essay. The vast majority of courses need a score greater than 450 points to get the scholarship, as the scores of all applicants are compared.

Currently, the most popular courses at ProUni are courses in Law, Medicine and Engineering. These courses in all editions carry higher cutoff scores than other courses. However, it is necessary to remember that each edition of ProUni has its own cut-off marks and they also tend to change according to the university.

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