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Clean with salt and vinegar: ritual to scare away enemies and bad luck

When you feel that the negative energy of your enemies is causing streaks of bad luck, a powerful ritual with salt and vinegar It can help you scare these people away, as well as eliminate their bad vibes.

It is a simple homemade recipe that will work to activate your positive energy and you can overcome economic, material, health or sentimental ills with less difficulty.

The negative energy of people who envy or hate us is capable of causing spiritual ills whose symptoms can become visible through arguments, economic problems and even some mild physical discomfort such as headaches.

If you feel that your spiritual body is currently charged with bad energy because people around you want to see you suffer, do the following ritual.

Ritual with salt and vinegar for bad luck

The materials you will need are white vinegar, sea or coarse salt, a green candle, a glass with water and a round plate.

The first step is to light the green candle with a match, so we will begin to activate the positive energy. It is important that it be of that color because its energy charge is associated with good luck and prosperity.

Place the glass with water, which should be half full, on top of the round plate and add two tablespoons of white vinegar. This element will be responsible for neutralize and repel all negativityas well as unlock all your energy.

To activate the power of the ritual add two tablespoons of sea salt, this mineral will be in charge of absorbing bad luck around you. Now mix the vinegar with water and salt making circles to the right.

At this time you can say the prayer of your choice or personalize the ritual by repeating your name 3 times and saying out loud what you want to get from this recipe, which will mainly be to return your good luck and neutralize the bad energy of your enemies or people who They envy you.

Place the ritual in your room as close as possible to your bed and on the side where you sleep, if you prefer, you can place it under the bed. The glass must be left for 7 days in a rowthen flush it down the toilet.

As for the candle, let it burn out completely and put the remains in a plastic bag and throw them away.

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