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Clean with an egg: what does the white point on the yolk mean

Cleaning with an egg is one of the oldest and most popular rituals to clean bad energy, managing to survive to this day thanks to its power. However, reading the figures and forms that are created in the white and yolk is not something that everyone can do at the first opportunity.

Although this ritual is simple and you can carry it out yourself without the help of a shaman, sorcerer or psychic, interpreting it is not as easy as it seems.

Experts on the subject say that you must have sensitivity to the spiritual, a more developed intuition or a sixth sense to interpret the messages that the egg offers us after absorbing the negativity of the aura.

This is only acquired through practice, but if you are new to esoteric matters, there are elements that can help you find out what spiritual malady the egg cured.

How do you clean with an egg?

The egg healing ritual should be carried out when we feel victims of envy, spells, evil eye or we have bad vibes. The egg is used because it is one of the most powerful elements to remove bad energy.

Cleaning with an egg is very simple to do, you just have to take a fresh egg (that has not been in the fridge or refrigeration) with your right hand and pass it all over your body from head to toe making circles to the right and without touching it. clothing or skin.

It is recommended to say a prayer while doing the procedure that can be an Our Father or Hail Mary. When it’s over, the egg should be broken and poured into a glass with water.

It is important that the glass is transparent and without engravings, so you can see more clearly the behavior of the egg and the figures that begin to form.

What happens if a point comes out in the yolk?

Wait a couple of minutes for the ritual to rest. If you see that a white point has formed in the yolk it means that the evil you had was about to cause you physical harmlike a disease.

However, you should not worry or panic, at this point, the egg has already removed the negativity from your soul.

In the event that the white dot forms a face, it is indicating which person did you wrong; you can find a resemblance to someone or not, it depends on how clear the figure is and your intuition.

Now that you know a little more about this simple and ancient ritual, you can practice it yourself, just consider not doing it so often because experts say that it can weaken your energies.

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