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Claudia Martín conquered the networks with a look inspired by “Rebelde”

Tremendous stir caused the actress Claudia Martin After sharing a photo in which he not only showed off his great body, he also gave a class of good taste in the style of the most famous school, the “Elite Way School” of Rebelde.

From her official Instagram profile, the protagonist of “Los Ricos also cry” published a photograph from the famous “La Roma” neighborhood, located in Mexico City. The postcard not only stood out for the rustic style of the buildings, but also for the look that the famous woman wore for the occasion.

It was a gray pleated mini skirt that exposed her shapely legs and a short white shirt with an oversized style that showed off her flat abdomen. To complete her outfit, Claudia Martín wore combat boots that gave her a “daring” touch.

“Yesterday, finishing work, @betoville took these little photos of me,” explained the actress along with the photograph that soon collected thousands of likes and comments. The reason? Because her choice of clothing was familiar to Internet users, as the style was very similar to the uniform that Dulce María, Anahí and Maite Perroni wore in the “Rebelde” series.

“The Elite Way student we didn’t know we needed”, “Claudia is gorgeous in all of us”, “How do you manage to be so beautiful?”, “All the photos are incredible” and “Beautiful Oaxacan”, are some of the comments which are read under the image.

It should be noted that this is not the first time so far this year that Claudia Martín has given something to talk about thanks to one of her publications on networks. And it is that Just a few days after Shakira’s BZRP Music Sessions #53 was published, the actress did not miss the opportunity to join the trend and upload a video performing the song.

This fact not only attracted the attention of users and international media, but also a wave of responses such as: “Perroni looked good on you” and “Just today I thought, if you were capable of making that video of Shakira’s song… And obviously it was like ring on the finger”.

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