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Clarissa Molina and the 5 outfits with which she raised the temperature in networks

Clarissa Molina.

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After conquering the hearts of the public with her participation in beauty pageants and in the program ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, the actress Clarissa Molina It has remained a favorite of many thanks to its connection with fans through social networks.

From her official Instagram account, the famous 31-year-old has delighted her fans’ pupils with various postcards with which she has not only given a class of style, but has also boasted the attributes that God gave her.

For this reason, we share with you a list of the looks that have gone viral on digital platforms, so enjoy!

glamorous New Year’s Eve

caused a tremendous stir Clarissa Molina with the outfit she wore to say goodbye to the year 2022. It was a very tight green ball gown that hugged her hourglass silhouette. and showed part of her back thanks to a wide neckline.

Dolce & Gabbana Night

When it comes to elegance and sensuality, the former beauty queen is an expert in giving style lectures. Such was the case with this total pink look made up of an expensive set from the Dolce & Gabbana brand that she accompanied with an oversized blazer.

dangerous openings

We cannot forget that stunning black and white dress with dangerous openings on the bust, waist and legs, showing off her attributes during an awards gala.

heart attack waistband

History would repeat itself a few months later with a very tight gala dress that revealed her wasp waist and highlighted the tanned tone of her skin. On that occasion, Molina attended the 2022 Latin Grammy gala and stole looks with her walk and striking look.

summer goddess

Last but not least, we have that postcard with which Clarissa Molina honored her 31st birthday. To do this, she opted for a nude silk bodysuit that she showed off in a sensual pose from the comfort of her home.

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