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Clara Chía’s uncle reveals the true state of health of Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend

Gerard Piqué surrounded by members of the press in Barcelona.

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The media wave that splashes Shakira’s ex, Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend, continues with force. it’s time The Spanish program ‘Fiesta’ managed to talk, outside the office of Clara Chía’s father, with her supposed unclewho revealed that her niece would never have been admitted to a hospital for an anxiety attack.

Clara’s father’s brother assured that it was a resounding lie that circulated about the health of the 23-year-old.

“Is it true that she is admitted (in a hospital)?” The program reporter asked the Catalan’s uncle, whose identity was reserved in the television images.

“Is a lie. No, she has not been admitted ”.

Clara Chía’s uncle answered.

The man assured that his niece did not suffer any attack as a result of Shakira’s ‘Bzrp music session #53’in which CLARAMENTE sends a message to the young woman and the former soccer player.

“It’s all a bit amazing, we don’t know where that came from,” he said, referring to the information that circulated about Clara’s health.

Last week, before February 2, the day on which Shakira and Gerard Piqué ironically have their birthdays, the rumor had circulated of the supposed hospitalization of the girlfriend of the former Barcelona Football Club defender.

It was a ‘face news‘?

After the statements of Clara Chía’s supposed uncle went on the air, many on social networks recalled what the journalist, Jordi Martín, correspondent for the program ‘El gordo y la flaca’, said. The communicator had said last week that the information that circulated in various Spanish media was false.

“Four days ago I denied Clara’s entry. Her uncle yesterday (Saturday) agreed with me. Another ‘fake news’ (false news) from Piqué’s friends”Jordi published on his Twitter.

What did Piqué do on his birthday?

The ‘Fiesta’ program also published that both Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía attended work at Kosmos on February 2. Likewise, the reporter Paula González assured that the former player of the Spanish team did not show empathy with the press. “When he saw us he wasn’t very amused,” he said.

“It was a very intimate birthday and then they had a romantic plan,” commented the journalist, who was in the footsteps of the couple that day.
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