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Clara Chía would have left traces for Shakira to discover her infidelity with Gerard Piqué. We tell you everything!

The break between Shakira Y Gerard Piqué keep giving something to talk about. Well, her romance left more than two broken hearts along the way.

A couple of months have passed since Piqué’s infidelity to Shakira became known, the couple stayed together for 12 years and had two children.

Their separation has reached the court due to the issue of maintenance, but it has also been the subject of social networks due to the infidelities of the former player.

And it is that, it was not only a woman with whom he cheated on her, there would have been several girls who were with Piqué behind the singer’s back.

However, despite the hard blow, the Colombian assures that she tries to protect her children, since the player established a relationship with the last woman he was with.

In addition, alleged new details of Piqué’s infidelity were recently released, and it is that the deceptions would have been in his own home. The singer Shakira discovered it in the least unexpected way thanks to the player’s carelessness.

According to Keren, an entertainment influencer, he shared on his “Chismesdeker” account that Shakira discovered Piqué in his deception in his own home.

Some users have speculated about infidelity according to the singer’s statements in some interviews.

The account revealed that Shakira apparently realized the deception thanks to the refrigerator in her house, the player’s habits revealed it.

And it is that, when checking that the food was missing in the refrigerator and it was precisely food that her then husband did not like.

Clara Chía would have been at the couple’s house when she was away and took things from her pantry. In the least unexpected way, Shakira discovered Piqué’s deception.

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