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Clara Chía would have had a bad time while she was walking down the street because of Shakira

A Clara Chia Martisupposed couple of Pique, it is raining on wet because his supposed love affair with the ex-soccer player would be expensive for him. Since in the song of Shakira “BZRP Music Sessions 53” where they send hints, has brought more repercussions than expected.

The young woman finds herself living a true nightmare, cut off from society and trying to go unnoticed. But this would have “splashed” her, staining her image and even more that of her supposed boyfriend, the former Barcelona footballer, Gerard Piqué.

It was through the video podcast “Mamarazzis” that the journalist Lorena Vázquez referred to the young woman and specified that she is calmer despite having been humiliated in public.

Apparently, the few times that Piqué’s girlfriend has made contact with the streets, those who recognize her sing Shakira’s song to her.

Discomfort dominates her and these bad drinks make her return to take refuge in the arms of her family. Besides, far from her new love, Clara Chía Martí is going through her worst moment, submerged in a bad dream from which she begs to wake up according to the Spanish tabloids.

It should be remembered that Shakira would have exploded in anger after the December holidays, because Piqué would have broken their agreement. Which stated that his children would not live with Clara, but even his own in-laws would have agreed to this situation without consulting her.

This would have prompted Shakira to make the decision to release the famous musical theme that has already gone viral and a worldwide phenomenon, despite the fact that many netizens assure that
“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus surpassed them, but the reality is that Shaki broke several records.

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