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Clara Chía suffers an accident when she crashes into an advertisement and Gerard Piqué laughs | VIDEO

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia They do not stop being the cover of all the headlines of Spain and International. This time the controversial couple was again caught fleeing from the press, but this time the ex-soccer player’s girlfriend suffered an accident when hitting an ad.

The Spanish media caught them holding hands in the street, although when trying to flee from the paparazzi the student received a strong blow when she collided with an advertisement.

It was the Europa Press agency that published the video where they can be seen holding hands walking through the streets of Barcelona.

Noticing the journalist’s presence, they tried to escape and on the way, Clara Chía Martí received a severe blow when she collided with an advertisement. Upon realizing the accident, the former soccer player began to laugh instead of checking to see if she was physically okay.

The comments did not wait and while some Internet users took it with humor, others launched strong criticism of Gerard Piqué.

Due to the attitude he has towards the media, like his girlfriend, The same that they described as “childish” because he made fun of the questions of the journalist who questioned him about the plans for Clara Chía’s birthday, which would be, he points out, on February 7, although he denied it.

“But what have you taken? Your birthday tomorrow?Gerard Piqué is heard making fun of the paparazzi and while he assures that both are in good health, this after it became known that his new girlfriend was hospitalized in an emergency due to an anxiety attack.

How was the break between Shakira and Piqué supposedly by Clara Chía?

In June 2022, the singer and Piqué announced their separation with a brief statement, so the lack of details unleashed endless rumors about the reasons for their separation.

Among them some who pointed out an infidelity of the former FC Barcelona player that would be confirmed just a few weeks later when he was seen with the 23-year-old student at a wedding.

Since then, they have rarely appeared together as a couple, however, the song that the Barranquillera released with Bizarrap.

In the one that mentions them, it would have motivated them to show that they are more in love than ever and they made it official with a romantic photo shared on Piqué’s Instagram account, although they did not avoid negative comments.

Gerard Piqué’s popularity dropped considerably and negative messages against him and his new girlfriend grew. so he decided to respond to Shakira’s song where he compares Clara Chía with objects of “lesser value” and he began to use them during one of the programs he attended.

In the midst of the revolt, the singer continues to add successes and her song “Music Session #53” leads the popularity charts and entertainment experts have assured that this will be a melody that both must learn to deal with due to the inconvenience and comments that they receive both on the street and on social networks.

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