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Clara Chía already lives with Piqué, but disappears when Shakira’s children go

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía seem to be taking steps to consolidate their controversial relationship. Shakira’s ex and the young woman already share a home, according to what the Mamarazzis of The newspaper. There is only one exception: when his children are with him, that’s when she disappears.

The young woman has moved into the famous penthouse owned by the creator of the Kings League in the heart of Barcelona, ​​specifically on Muntaner street.

The cameras have already captured the couple entering and leaving the car through the parking lot of the building, without hiding from anyone or anything. In previous months the rumor of the home together had spread, but now it is a reality.

The Mamarazzis have also said that the couple’s plan was not to move in together so soon. They wanted to wait for Shakira and her children to settle in Miami; but they changed their mind recently Is it another reaction to the song ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ by the Colombian against them?

The truth is that it is no longer enough for Clara and Gerard to spend the weekends in Barcelona or La Cerdanya, or working in the same office, or going out with their mutual friends. Now they live in the same house… but with one exception.

She disappears when Shakira’s children go

The only time that Clara Chía is not in the retired soccer player’s house is when his children are with him. According to the separation agreement, the little ones would not be present when their parents share with their new partners.

Hard days for Clara

The 23-year-old has been the target of worldwide criticism for months, especially in January, when Shakira released her song with Bizzarrap sending a strong message to her and Piqué.

According to media such as Europa Press, Clara Chía would have suffered an anxiety attack for which she ended up admitted to a hospital. The media pressure would take its toll on the health of the young woman or another compelling reason.

In addition, they caught Clara leaving the hospital with a smile on her face and next to Piqué. Those images immediately went viral.
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