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Citing an Official Mexican Standard

How to cite official Mexican standards?

To cite a standard, a technical norm or a quality indication within the APA Style, you have to confer the creator, the date, the qualifier and the source of the work. After the title, provide any phone number or identifier as for the standard in parentheses without italics.

How is a Mexican law cited in APA?

(Federal Labor Law, 2022). Official Title of the Code, [Abreviatura del Código]Note if the Code has been amended, Specific provision mentioned, if applicable, Date of publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation, (Country).

How do you cite with APA 7 standards?

According to the APA format, in-text citations must contain the author’s last name and the year of publication. When you cite a specific part of a source, you should also include a phone number or web page range, as appropriate; for example: (Parker, 2020, p. 67) or (Johnson, 2017, popular party. 39–41).

How is the Official Gazette of the Federation cited in APA?

The citation must relate to the following elements: Qualifier (summary) of the document, Transmitting Authority, Place of publication, DOF, Date of publication, date of citation [mentado dd-mm—aaaa] (straddling brackets); Available in version/format (HTML, PDF, etc.) on the internet: http://…

How do you cite an ISO standard?

A standard (such as an ISO standard) has to be cited in a reference list in APA style (7 to ed.) giving the following data: qualifier of the institution that developed the standard, qualifier of the standard, code and number of the standard, and publisher. Provide the URL, if the standard was accessed online.

How do you cite a legal norm?

Official qualifier of the Code [abreviación]. Telephone number and year of the law to which it corresponds. Post(s) mentioned(s). Enactment date (country).

How to cite in updated APA format?

[ Apellido del autor, Inicial nombre del autor. (Data publicación). Título del blog post. Nombre completo de la gacetas, volumen (Número), páginas web. ]

How to cite a UNE standard?

SURNAME, Name author1 of the blog post, et al., Year of publication. Qualifier of the blog post. Title of the magazine in italics [en línea]. Place: Editorial, volume of the gazette, telephone number of the gazette, websites that include the post [consulta: data de consulta].

How is an official Mexican standard cited in Vancouver?

How to cite within the text?
The author has to add some elements to the reference, staying in the following order of things:

  1. Qualifier of the Statute/Law: Textual name of the legislation.
  2. [Tipo de soporte]: Refers to the format in which the publication is found.
  3. Place of publication: City where the law was published.

How are standards cited in APA?

In APA style, parentheses are used within the text. The call system is that of creator-data: first surname of the author(s) followed by the year of publication. Only the year is included, although the reference provides us with more specific data such as the month or the day.

How to cite APA 7 educational laws?

Full name of the law, number and year. For example: National Education Law, No. 26.206, 2006.

How is a law cited in APA 2022?

Full name of the institution. (Year). Law No. of the year of promulgation in italics. Therefore, Qualification of the Law is issued in italics.

How do you cite a law in APA 7?:

From APA consensus (2020), it is optional to put the URL of a legal source. The very common full name of the law is put in the quote. The year in the reference list must be the year the law was published in the cited source.

How to quote a law?

how to cite a law

  1. The elements that must be present to reference at the end of the document are:
  2. Number of the law and official name if it has one.
  3. Title of the publication in which it officially appears.
  4. Publication place.
  5. Date (indicate day, month and year)

How to cite a law in APA 7?

Type of regulation Telephone number/Year, of “approval date”, title of the regulation. Official State Gazette, Telephone number in italics, of “date of publication”.

How do you cite an official journal?

Surname(s), Acronym Name(s) Author(s). (month day Year). Qualifier of the post. Full name of the newspaper, #volume(#Edition or #specimen).

How do you cite an official document in APA?

printed documents

  1. Author Surname and acronym(s) of the full name(s)
  2. Year of publication (between brackets)
  3. Title of the work and subtitle, if any, separated by a colon (in italics or bold)
  4. Quartered edition of the second edition, abbreviated with (ed.) (lower case and straddles parentheses)
  5. Publishing site.
  6. Editorial.

How to cite government websites in APA 7?

How to cite or reference a Web Page with APA Rules?

  1. Give as specific a date as is free within the page blog post page.
  2. Write in italics the qualifier of the web page.
  3. As soon as the author of the web page is the same publisher of the web page, omit the name of the publisher to avoid repetition.

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