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Citing a Clinical Practice Guideline

How to cite the clinical practice guideline in APA?

Last name, Initials creator name. (Year of publication). Qualifier of the post. Qualifier of the magazine in italics, volume of the gazette (number of the gazette), pages covered by the post.

How to cite Minsal clinical guidelines in APA?

The first time the complete full name is cited and the acronym is indicated between the parentheses. A) According to the Ministry of Health (MINSAL, 2010) From now on, only the acronym is cited. Also called “dating dates”.

How to cite the RAE in APA 7?

Royal Spanish Academy. (2014). Dictionary of the Spanish language (23rd ed.). The creator and publisher are exactly the same as for the dictionary in the previous example, so the name appears in the author factor only to avoid repetition.

How to cite the Royal Spanish Academy?:

ROYAL SPANISH ACADEMY: Dictionary of the language of Spain, 23rd ed., [versión 23.6 online]. [Fecha de la consulta].

How to cite the RAE in APA 7?:

  1. Reference scheme.
  2. Responsible financial entity. (Year of publication). Title of the entry, term or word. In Title of the dictionary in italics.
  3. Reference.
  4. RAE. (2014). Adversity. In Dictionary of the language of Spain (23rd ed., p. 2816).
  5. Quote in the text.
  6. (RAE, 2014)

How to cite examples in APA format?

Last name, N. (year). Title of the work (edition). Editorial. Lapastora, M. (2021).

How to cite in APA format online?

When citing a web page or an online blog post, according to APA standards, the citation in the text must contain the author’s last name and the year of publication; viz: (Worland & Williams, 2015). Keep in mind that the author can also be an organization; For example: (American Psychological Association, 2019).

How to cite in modernized APA format?

[ Apellido del autor, Sigla nombre completo del creador. (Data publicación). Calificativo del blog post. Nombre de la gacetas, volumen (Número), webs. ]

How do you cite a clinical practice guideline in Vancouver?

– Qualifier of the clinical practice guideline, in italics. -Place of publication -Editorial -Year of publication. -URL, if it is an electronic document. -Date of access, if it is dealing with an electronic document. Eg: Working group of the Clinical Practice Guide for care in pregnancy and the postpartum period.

How to cite a Minsal clinical guideline in APA?

The first time, the full name is cited and the acronym is indicated between parentheses. A) According to the Ministry of Health (MINSAL, 2010) From now on, only the acronym is cited. Also called “dating dates”.

How to cite a document from an institution in APA?

If it is a corporate author, the name of the institution or organization as creator is cited, including the name and initial between brackets in parentheses ( ). [ ] the first time you meet. Then use the acronym.

How to cite a document from a ministry in APA?:

Report of a government organization

  1. Format: Corporate author. ( Year).
  2. Example 1: Ministry of Economy and Finance, General Directorate of Public Accounting. (2018).
  3. Example 2: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Vehicle, General Directorate of Research and Studies on Foreign Trade. (2018).

How to cite a primer in APA 7?

It is cited according to the following format: (Author, year, p. First surname and then et al. Example: (Di Iorio et al, 2021, p. 108).

How to cite the Secretary of Health in APA?

  1. Ministry of Health, Official Gazette of the Federation.
  2. Health Secretariat, Regulations of the General Health Law on Sanitary Control of Activities, Establishments, Products and Services, Official Gazette of the Federation, January 18, 1988.

How do you cite in APA 7th edition format?

The basic elements of a reference are: the creator’s last name, letter(s) acronym(s) of his/her name, date of publication, description of the work, and publication data; If the reference is to a digital resource retrieved from the Internet, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or the DOI (Digital Object

How do you cite in APA 2022 Examples?

If there is only one author, we write his last name, a comma, and the year after the text we are citing.

  • (Creator Last Name, Year Date)
  • (Martinez, 2022)
  • (First last name and second last name, Year)
  • (Martínez and Fernández, 2022)
  • (Last name el al., Year)
  • (Martínez et al., 2022)
  • (J. Martinez, 2018)
  • (A. Martinez, 2015)

How to cite a creator in APA examples?

  1. Reference scheme.
  2. Last name, Initials full name creator. (Year of publication). Title of academic work in italics [Trabajo fin de grado, Universidad en la que se ha leído].
  3. Reference.
  4. Castro Hernandez, P. (2013).
  5. Quote in the text.
  6. (Castro Hernandez, 2013)

How to cite a case?

Blog post in booklet: Surname(s), Full name(s) (year of publication), “Blog post qualifier in quotes”, ‘en’ Full name(s) and Surname (ed. OR eds./ comp. OR comps.), Title of the book in italics, City of publication, publisher(s) or institution(s) that publishes it, websites or section covered by the post.

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