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Cinderella themed birthday party decorations

THE children’s birthday party without a doubt it is an important event for every child and especially for girls, who feel more beautiful and special on this commemorative date. Therefore, it is worth making efforts to make the little one excited during this special day, so that investing in details becomes fundamental to the success of the celebration.

Therefore, for those who want to create a Cinderella themed birthday party, it is worth checking out some tips that will make all the difference during the event. Know more:

Check out some suggestions for creating a Cinderella-themed party below.

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Elements present in the plot of the story

When making a Cinderella themed birthday party, it is common for the family to always choose pink for everything, exaggerating in the sparkles and images of the character in the story. However, there are other ways to make a cheap kids birthday partyalso betting on other elements present in the plot, such as pumpkins that serve as a carriage for the princess to go to the ball, magic wands that make reference to the fairy godmother, glass slippers, figures of prince charming, among many others.

Also invest in the other elements present in the plot (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who want to enhance the event even more, it is worth abusing the costume to make the party the dream of the birthday girl: small dolls or figures of unicorns, which are pure mythological animals similar to white horses, can also be present at the party, as conductors of the princess’s carriage.

How to decorate the birthday party

To begin with, remember that the birthday cake for a girl party it must be simply enchanting, even more so when the themes are related to princesses and Cinderella herself. Therefore, do not skimp on this item and opt for a flavor that has more to do with the child’s taste. That is, it is not worth betting on cakes of your choice, since the party is aimed at children and, consequently, chocolate or sweeter cakes will be more appreciated.

Another important point are the souvenirs, which will make the children much happier at the end of the party. Therefore, crowns, love apples or plastic magic wands are always very welcome and will leave the little ones in a fairytale mood after the event.

Enhance the party with special souvenirs for the children (Photo: Disclosure)

As usual, the little girl’s costume could not be missing and, if possible, another child who can play the role of Prince Charming. Also bet on the elegance of the tulle on the table and the balloons, which do not necessarily have to be pink, as there is the possibility of decorating beautiful colored balloons with glitter and sequins. Just use your creativity to gather all the elements of the story and make a cinderella birthday party which will be very striking and lively. Have a good time!

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