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Chyno Miranda: His mother denounced in “Despierta América” ​​that her son went out for an interview without authorization

Although everything seemed to be in an apparent calm and on the way to an exit, controversy and controversy reignited in the case of Jesus ‘Chyno’ Miranda. This time, His mother, Alcira Pérez, was on “Despierta América” ​​where she denounced that her son left the Cedral clinic to do an interview with Irrael Gómez without authorization.

This new controversy began on Wednesday the 14th at night, when the media strategist and businessman, Irrael Gómez, shared on his Instagram account, a photo posing with Chyno in a living room and hinting that he had conducted an interview.


This morning, within the segment ‘Sin Rollo’ of ‘Despierta América’, with Carlos Calderón hosting, Marcela Sarmiento, Jomari Goyso, Lindsay Casinello as a panelist, and Ana Isabelle, who was a new Chyno, Mrs. Alcira, accompanied by a lawyer, assured that there was no authorization for the interview.

The singer’s mother recounted that, cs yesterday was his visiting day, he received a call from the doctor from Cedralwhere he is currently hospitalized after he was removed from Tía Panchita by the authorities and a court, where they told him that he was not going to be able to see him because his son would go out to get a swab and the dentist. Alcira went on to say that he went to get the medical report anyway, which he had asked for a month ago, and followed up on Chyno’s return to the clinic.

It was 6 pm and he had not returned, if he had gone out to get a swab, and had to go to the dentist… I keep waiting, and after a while the photo of Irrael appears, which is not allowed, he does not have permission, nor authorization from anyone for their level of anxiety“, said Mrs. Alcira and added.

He is in a disqualification process that the girl (Astrid Falcón, the girlfriend) put in, my visit is suspended, why is all this happeningWhat power does this Mr. Irrael have to do this?

In ‘Sin Rollo’ they asked her why she thought this had happened, and she replied as follows: “Yellowness, it’s pure news, he’s playing with my son’s health, he’s not interested, he’s not my son’s friendI need to take it home, I don’t like it, he is a blogger, and he does not have any authorization to do so, “he stood firm.

They also asked how was your coexistence with Chyno when you visited him in the Cendral: “He has been very upset because I tell him that he has to finish the treatment, and he tells me, ‘I’m fine’, and he raises his voice at me, which he had never done before.I jump from one topic to another… I told him I’m going to rent you an apartment, and then he comes up with that he’s going to the United States, he doesn’t spin one thing with another, ”Alcira assured.

Chyno’s mother, who on other occasions had said that she had no communication with Natasha Araos, now assured that they talk to each other every week and that she often sees her grandson Lucca on camera. Although for the moment his son has not asked to see it more than in photos and videos.

Other of the questions that they asked him in the morning of Univision, was about who is paying for the clinic, something that she clarified that until November 2, she, with the money that Chyno’s friends had collected, paid for Tía Panchita, but since that day she did not knowalthough he believed that Astrid was taking care of that expense.

There was no shortage of questioning whether finally there was or was not a wedding between Chyno and Astrid. “I hope that hasn’t happened, and even less inside the Cedral clinic because it would be illegal.“, which did ensure that his son repeats and repeats that he does want to get married.

Let’s remember that Kerly Ruiz confirmed that not only was there no weddingbut for the moment the couple’s priority was Chyno’s health.


In response to Alcira’s complaint this morning in ‘Despierta América’, we contacted Irrael Gómez to find out what had happened, if he had permission to do the interview and why Chyno had left the clinic without her mother knowing.

Until now, no authority has pronounced itself incapable of specifying what Jesus can or cannot do by right to his faculties.. Until now, it is waiting for the doctors to issue their opinion and the court to decide on the matter. The same happened with the supposed marriage that the family manifests paralyzed. ANDThey requested the intervention of the court for alleged information, where they were asked for proof of what was said and so far nothing else has happened“, the media strategist told us.

Let’s remember that as we have been telling you, since the day Chyno was taken out at dawn from Tía Panchita, where he had already been treated for 10 months, Irrael Gómez has been the one who has been reporting publicly on everything that happened and is happening, especially in said place and with the personnel that works or worked there. And we also confirm that, At the time, Astrid Falcón approached the businessman to ask him for help to guide her by showing him the alleged negligence where the singer lived.

According to Gómez, Chyno would be able to decide, despite the fact that he is pending a disqualification process requested in court by his girlfriend Astrid.so that he can take it to be evaluated at the Cedral clinic.

Given this, the question is Can Chyno come and go from his hospital when he wants? As long as there is no decision, nothing prevents him from going out, having a public life, including making decisions“Gómez told us, who is currently questioning why he was part of this outing and this interview.

For that he also had an answer, according to what he himself told us: “He asked to speak to me for a long time, and I had been waiting, he has insisted on that topic. And today, at this hour, there is nothing to stop it, not even my opinion.“. And he added that until a court decides his future, “is under the circumstance of hospitalized patient“.

We are trying to contact El Cedral to find out if Chyno needs authorization to leave.if he can make the decisions himself, but until the closing of this article we have not received a response from you.


As we have told you, Since a court removed him from Tía Panchita with allegations of negligence, contempt by the place and a process of temporary disqualification requested by his girlfriend, Chyno has been in El Cedral where all kinds of physical and psychological studies are being done. Also interviews with your closest environment… Based on this, a judge would decide who should have custody of the singer, whether it be a single person or in co-custody, or the state, or if he is able to make his decisions without any guardianship..

Who requests their custody? His mother and his girlfriend Astrid, although Chyno also assures that he is capable of making his decisions.

When will this be decided? As we were able to learn extrajudicially, It would be next week, before the court goes into recess for the holidays.when the decision taken based on all the previously mentioned studies is issued.

Another question that many ask is Who pays for the El Cedral clinic? In interview with Kerly Ruiz, his girlfriend Astrid assured that she, with the help of her parentswould be taking charge of the very expensive place while the way forward is decided.


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