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Chyno Miranda acknowledges how hard it was for him to stay hospitalized for almost a year due to his addictions

Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez, known in the entertainment industry by his pseudonym Chyno Miranda, has managed to overcome the struggle that implied him to overcome his addiction problems and to the delight of his fans, he is back, waiting to resume his career.

Victim of a neuropathy, which triggered an encephalitis and at the same time addiction problems, The Venezuelan actor, singer and composer went through various rehabilitation clinics until they found a way to stop his illness.

Almost a year after being admitted against his will to a support center, the member of the duo Chinese & Nacho gave an interview for the segment Conversations that are not published, where he cleared up all the questions about his current state of physical and mental health.

I was taken against my will to the center aunt panchita. They sedated me at home with an injection. When I woke up I didn’t understand where I was, I tried to get out, I offered the nurses $2,000 for information to get out of there, but nothing happened and I was in that place for 11 months. That taught me to rediscover myself, to be very patient, it was quite difficult,” he said.

At 38 years old, Miranda acknowledges that the most difficult thing was not being able to meet with her loved ones or know anything about them until she was rehabilitated.

I experienced many disturbing moments, from far away, they separated me from my loved ones, they told me that I was not going to see them because I was very anxious. I went 50 days without seeing my family and I tried to escape three times through the front door and they caught me three times. Inside they injected me again, they used force, that was the dish to reassure us all“, he stressed.

After his bitter passage, Chyno Miranda is eager to return to the stage to reunite with his fans and surprise them with new musical hits, but it is clear to him that he must go little by little and never let his guard down again with respect to the addictions.

“I want to continue singing, like Chyno, I would like to sing with Nacho again,” he concluded.

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