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church decorations for wedding 2015

THE church decorations for wedding 2015 is full of novelties that walk through the classic, boho, minimalist and even modern style. Many churches already have their own “decoration” because they are ornamented. However, it is always important to place a special decoration, something that will leave this event with the couple’s face and that draws attention to the differential of the chosen style. There are several tips for decorating the church for the wedding in 2015, check them out and choose the ones you like best!

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Decorating churches for weddings 2015 – There are several ways to decorate churches for weddings 2015 (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

church decorations for wedding 2015

THE church decorations for weddings 2015 comes with a lot of tulle that can be used in many ways. One of them, depending on location availability, is to create a canopy effect with tulle. The advantage of tulle is that it can be purchased in batches that make the product cheaper.

To create the canopy effect, just attach several to the center of the ceiling and pull the strips to the sides. Or use an appropriate framework for it. The tulle can also be attached to benches and chairs forming arches in the rows facing the aisles. A simpler way to use the material is to create a ribbon for floral arrangements.

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Flowers are always very used in decorations and never go out of style (Photo: Disclosure)

Many grooms are also betting on decorating just the altar. This is a good option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on the church decoration for marriage. And it’s really worth it, especially if the place is already naturally beautiful. All you will need is a beautiful and striking arrangement on the altar, where the bride and groom will be.

Many people have invested in fake flowers that have great quality and can stay forever as a souvenir if they are used in the bouquet.

See below the colors that are trending in 2015 weddings:

  • navy blue, clear, baby blue
  • Pink, pastel, peach, coral
  • red, sangria
  • Light brown, beige, sandalwood, toasted
  • Neutral colors like pearl, cream, pastel yellow, gray
  • Aqua green, khaki, deep green, sage green
  • Purple, lilac, lavender
  • Luxurious colors like gold, silver, copper

Bouquet and flowers from other materials 2015

The big bet church decorations for wedding 2015 and ceremonies made elsewhere, are the bouquets made from other materials such as brooches, fake flowers, shells, pearls, shiny jewelry and so on. There are also bouquets that accompany super original themed weddings such as bouquets of sweets, origami, fabric, among others. It all depends on the spirit of the wedding. If it’s more formal, more relaxed, more modern or more traditional.

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Brooches and diamonds can be used both in the bouquet and in the decoration of the church (Photo: Disclosure)

Returning to the flowers, the model wedding bouquets and ideas will come in quite colorful in a very well harmonized mix with succulents and exotic flowers. The fake flowers that are on the rise are of great quality and don’t even look fake and can be a good alternative for those who want to use out-of-season flowers at the time of the wedding, and also for those who want to have the bouquet as a souvenir.

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