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‘Chucky’: Jennifer Tilly announces start of filming for season 2

The second season of “Chucky”, a series based on the iconic franchise of the killer doll, has officially started shooting, according to Jennifer Tilly. The actress, who is already known for playing Chucky’s fiancée in the original saga, shared a photo via Twitter giving the start to the “first day of filming”, as she wrote.

Just like in the movies, Tilly lends her voice to the doll in the series. However, she has yet to appear in her human and character form – as she did in “Bride of Chucky”. During the first season only a younger version of the character was introduced, but it was played by Blaise Crocker. So far, there is no information that the actress will reprise the human form of the famous Tiffany Valentine.

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“Chucky” follows the events of 2017’s Cult of Chucky. The series revolves around a teenager named Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) who is bullied daily at school. The boy meets Chucky and everything changes when he discovers that the doll is possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray. The show ends up presenting several curiosities about some characters from the films, such as when and why Lee Ray became a serial killer.

Chucky starts killing spree in Child's Play series trailer.  Image: SyFy/Disclosure
“Chucky”: Jennifer Tilly announces the start of filming for season 2. Image: SyFy/Disclosure

According to collider, in addition to the return of Tilly as the voice of the doll, “Chucky” also features the return of Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent and Christine Elise. Available on Star+, the second season of the series does not yet have an exact release date, but there is a forecast for October this year.

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