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Christmas window decoration

THE Christmas decoration it is one of the strongest and most characteristic points of christmas, after all, the occasion is very remembered through its symbols. It is not enough just to put up the traditional Christmas tree or hang a wreath on the door, it is also necessary to decorate the windows of the house based on a Christmas proposal.

At christmas windows are decorated and seek to favor the spirit of the commemorative date. There are several ideas that can be worked on in this type of decoration, taking into account the model of the window, size and budget available to invest in the purchase of ornaments.

Being able to appreciate inside and out, the window presents itself as a point of the house that needs to be well decorated. It is worth following the tradition when working with Christmas symbols or innovating with a more modern Christmas decoration. Find a balance between common sense and creativity.

What this article covers:

Christmas window decorating ideas

1. First, choose a curtain model that matches Christmas, such as embroidered and lace models that can be tied. So, make a composition with Christmas ornaments, such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snowman and gifts. Even a miniature Christmas tree matches the setting. The proposal is perfect for glass windows. Cherish tradition by placing Christmas booties on the windowsill and working mainly with the green/red color combination.

two. The window can embody the North American Christmas spirit by decorating with artificial snow. This idea is very interesting because it offers a different, thematic and very beautiful finish. Combine this effect with the other Christmas figures.

3. When thinking about Christmas decoration, people soon associate it with the use of blinkers. The proposal has everything to do with the Christmas philosophy that reinforces light and brightness. Put the lights around the window or even trying to form a Christmas symbol.

4. In addition to decorating the interior, it is also worth thinking about an external decoration of the main window that could improve the look of the Christmas façade. Bet on one or more garlands.

5. Another interesting suggestion is to take advantage of the transparency of the glass and mount the Christmas tree next to the window. That way, whoever looks at the house from the outside has a beautiful view of the Christmas decoration. Lights, ornaments and other allegories begin to operate in two spaces.

Take advantage of the tips and decorate your window for this Christmas!

Photos of decorated windows at Christmas

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