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Christmas tree: know the symbolism and spiritual meaning of the decorations

Christmas trees are the most representative elements of the December season and a tradition that unites family and friends. Each of the ornaments that are placed on the pine has an interesting meaning and spiritual symbolism which you will know below.

Origin of the Christmas Tree

Legend has it that in 8th century Germany there was an oak tree dedicated to the god Thor to whom a sacrifice was offered every year during the winter solstice, until a missionary named Boniface cut down the tree and after reading the Gospel, offered the locals a peace fir tree that represented eternal life.

From then on, trees began to be felled at this time of year and placed on the roofs of houses. People say that Martin Luther was the one who decorated the branches of the tree with candles to represent the stars in the sky.

Meaning of Christmas tree decorations

Over the years, various decorative elements were added to the Christmas tree and since this festivity represents the birth of the baby Jesus, they were associated with biblical symbolism.

The star at the top

The custom of placing a star at the top is to represent the Star of Bethlehem that announced the birth of Jesus and guided the Magi to meet him in the manger where he came into the world.

colored spheres

The circular ornaments symbolize joy, abundance and prosperity. They are round because in the past apples were hung to represent the spirit of nature and the fertility of the earth. It is said that the blue spheres represent repentance, the red ones for petitions, the gold ones for praise and the silver ones for thanks..

lights or candles

The lights or series that are placed around the Christmas tree symbolize the moment when the Virgin Mary gave birth to the Child Jesus under the light of a candle. For this reason, most Christmas decorations, not just trees, include lights to announce the birth of Jesus.

Ribbons or bows

A current custom is to “entangle” the tree with red, gold, silver or blue ribbons. These symbolize the family union and the bows the presence of these people in our lives.

christmas angels

Tradition says that a little angel should not be missing from the tree, there are even those who replace the star at the top with an angelic figure. This symbolizes God’s message to us through the birth of Jesus.

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