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Christmas rituals 2022 to attract true love

Christmas is the best time to make some changes in our lives, after all, it is a time when a positive energy is felt in the environment, and if what you want is to attract love, you can take advantage of December celebrations to find your ideal partner and strengthen your relationship.

These rituals that we will teach you next will help you eliminate negative energies and they will open the paths of love. They are very simple and cheap, so they won’t take much time, just keep in mind that you have to do them on Christmas Eve.

ritual for true love

If you want to attract a partner and love you sincerely, you can choose to wear a pink undergarment on Christmas day, also, you must get 3 pink candles and a red angel.

Place the three triangle-shaped candles on a small altar and put the figure of the angel in the middle of the candles. According to the Mujer Hoy site, you have to pray the following prayer:

“I invoke the power of Christmas, I invoke the power of love, I invoke all beings of light to come and listen to this request. Little angel, bring me a true love, a lasting love, I want to be happy these days and forever.

Then light the 3 pink candles with a match and you must let them burn out completely.

Ritual for your wishes of love

For this ritual you must occupy a red candle, pencil, paper and an extended plate. On paper write all your love wishes, whatever they may be, from having the perfect partner to strengthening your relationship. Once you have them ready, place the candle on top of the plate and light it with a match.

With the necessary precautions, burn the paper so that your wishes fly to the universe. This must be done exactly at midnight on December 25.

protection mistletoe

One of the most popular Christmas rituals is for two people to kiss under the mistletoe to attract love. this corsage has the power of luck and protectionso we can use it to protect our loved one.

What you should do is place a mistletoe in a vase or hang it on the door of the house every time your loved one leaves the house, so you augur prosperity and protection.

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