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Christmas Quiz 2022 – Quiz about Christmas

Surprise your guests with a fun Christmas quiz during the Christmas table or on Christmas Eve. In Metro Mode’s Christmas quiz, you can test your own or your loved ones’ knowledge of Christmas traditions, music and celebrations!

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Question 1.

  • The tale of Karl Bertil Jonsson’s Christmas Eve is a dear tradition for many during Christmas Eve. The title track with the same name was written by one of our biggest Swedish jazz icons. What was his name?
  • 1. Georg Riedel
  • x. Arne Domnérus
  • 2. Bengt-Arne Wallin

Question 2.

  • By far the most popular Christmas song on Swedish radio channels is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”. The most popular Swedish Christmas song on the radio is “Mer jul.” What is the name of the duo behind the song?
  • 1. GES
  • x. The Real Group
  • 2. Adolphson & Falk

Question 3.

  • During Christmas, many people like to build gingerbread houses and there is also a competition to see who can build the best or nicest house. From which country does the tradition of gingerbread houses come?
  • 1. Germany
  • x. Finland
  • 2. Spain

Question 4.

  • The traditions surrounding Christmas food differ between the Nordic countries. Which of the following dishes is usually eaten, especially in the western parts, on Christmas Eve in our neighboring country Norway?

1. Oven-roasted goose and sauerkraut
x. Turkey and Brussels sprouts gratin
2. Mutton and root mash

Question 5.

  • According to Nordic folklore, what happens to the one who gets the almond in the porridge?

1. It gets married first.
x. It will be blessed with a child.
2. It goes crazy.

Question 6.

  • According to Christian belief, we celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Jesus. Which of the following names is not one of the three wise men?

1. Balthasar.
x. Caspar.
2. Milker.

Question 7.

  • A common ornament at Christmas time is a mistletoe hanging from a doorpost. Kissing under a mistletoe used to be a way for women to protect themselves from something. What?

1. Satan.
x. Accident.
2. A life as an unmarried person.

Question 8.

  • Behind Christmas are also many other old traditions that are not Christian. Long before people started celebrating the birth of Jesus, they celebrated something else. What was that?

1. The creation of Odin.
x. The winter solstice.
2. Skepps sejden

Question 9.

  • On December 28, we celebrate Vulnerable Children’s Day. Until the year 2000, the day was called something else. What was it called?

1. Vulnerable Children’s Day.
x. Defenseless Children’s Day.
2. Menless Children’s Day.

Question 10.

  • During Christmas, many people send Christmas cards as a greeting to loved ones. A Swedish artist has gained extra importance in this regard, as her motifs are today considered classic Christmas motifs, including Santa Claus. What was her name?

1. Jenny Nyström.
x Vera Nilsson.
2. Olga Milles.


1 – x
2 – 2
3 – 1
4 – 2
5 – 1
6 – 2
7 – 2
8 – x
9 – 2
10 – 1

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