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Christmas gift suggestions at iServices

From the most original gifts to small souvenirs, the iServices catalog has gifts for the whole family and also for the planet.

At Christmas gift suggestions are on the agenda now that the most magical time of the year is approaching. And if there is a time when technology can add a special touch to our lives, Christmas is undoubtedly one of those times.

Not only because it allows us to stay connected to the most important people in our lives, especially those who are physically far away, but also because it helps to make the moments we spend together in this time dedicated to the family even more special and lively.

This Christmas we want you to use technology not to isolate yourself, but to be closer to those you love. And, to surprise your loved one with what he most needs or desires, iServices prepared a very special Advent Calendar for those who visit the Advent page every day. Christmas iServices??

Until Christmas, iServices will offer, each day, a different promotion on one of its accessories or gadgets and discounts will go up to 25%.

Judging by the wide range of products that this store usually offers, the suggestions for Christmas gifts that will appear throughout the month of December will be varied and capable of pleasing all tastes.

maybe you can andchoose between a simple headset, a power bank or one smartwatch at a great price, or between gadgets less common as athe magnetic wallet, a fingerprint padlock, a ring light or different accessories for airtags??

Our advice is to keep an eye on the iServices website as the promotions will be updated daily until 10:00 am and the announced prices are limited to existing stock.

Christmas gift suggestions: a greener Christmas with iServices

Repair instead of buying new

A green Christmas also involves the choices we make when we decide to buy technology to offer and make a difference in our friend’s or family’s everyday life.

repair or buy a refurbished device instead of buying a new one is part of the options that save not only the scarce natural resources of our planet, but also the resources of our wallet. That’s why we suggest that this Christmas you think about what you can offer without forcing you to buy something new.

How about offering cell phone repair a friend or relative who has a broken screen, a dead battery, or problems with the sound or camera?

If you have someone you like in these circumstances, think that there are stores like iServices that try to solve any cell phone or smartphone malfunction on the spot. This means that the owner of the “sick” device will be able to spend Christmas with his device working at one hundred percent.

The technical team at this store is able to solve different types of malfunctions, from the most common damage caused by accidents – yes, even those caused by liquids – to problems of wear and tear that can reduce the performance of sensors or Wi-fi antennas, Bluetooth, GSM and GPS.

The only challenge you will have to solve is whether you will be able to keep the surprise factor in this offer. Can you divert the mobile phone in question to carry out the repair without its owner noticing it…?

Buy refurbished “new”

But, if the repair option doesn’t arise, there is one more thing you can do before buying a new device. One of our Christmas gift suggestions goes through purchase a refurbished device. These devices are often second-hand, but have been prepared by iServices technicians to behave just like a new device. The only difference you will notice is the price which will be much cheaper.

In this store you can choose to find Apple watches, Ipads, Iphones and MacBooks at great prices with the advantage that all these devices and equipment are guaranteed like their first-hand versions, and come with all the usual accessories.

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