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Christmas decorations for Advent – 27 favorites that create an atmospheric home

The first advent is soon knocking on the door and it is finally time to decorate the home with advent stars, candlesticks and lots of candles.

Photo: Watt & Veke/Ernst

Create a traditional Christmas with a classic poinsettia, small fir trees and a reindeer trap or create a more modern Christmas with an alternative advent candle holder. As long as you have a common thread in your home, you can do almost anything. Before you start decorating, sit down and think about how you want your home to look. Collect inspiration images and make a plan. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to buy a new set of decorations every year, a new candlestick or star might be enough. Don’t limit yourself to looking for newly produced products, sometimes older ones can be both better quality and nicer. Pay a visit to your nearest flea market or flea market, your next Christmas find may be there.

This year’s Advent is in wonderfully natural colors. Natural colors often contribute to a genuine and rustic feeling, something we seem to long for these days. Also take the opportunity to bring nature into your home this Christmas – so feel free to place small Christmas groups with hyacinths and moss. Or make a still life with nice candles and some beautiful cones. Christmas is all about being creative and the only limits are your imagination.

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