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Christmas decorations 2014

Christmas decorations 2014 is what you are looking for? So know that there are amazing ideas to put into practice and surprise everyone. The Christmas atmosphere will invade homes and commercial establishments through the typical ornaments on the date.

Decorations for Christmas 2014. (Photo: Disclosure)

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate. There are many possibilities to make a simple and cheap christmas decoration, including using recyclable materials. The only challenge is to put creativity and good taste to work.

What this article covers:

Christmas decoration trends 2014

At christmas decoration trends are already being announced. Everything indicates that Christmas ornaments will gain more personality and seek inspiration in natural life.

Among the novelties that were presented at the main events of the sector, such as the Natal Show 2014, it is worth highlighting some decorative proposals:

– Relaxed and unpretentious scenarios;

– Strong presence of rustic and textured materials, such as jute and felt.

– Wooden ornaments, rustic ribbons and jute flowers evoke a more robust Christmas atmosphere.

– Miniature trees stand out in small environments.

– The Christmas ornaments with lace details make the decoration more sophisticated and delicate.

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Christmas decorations 2014: what are the bets?

Table decorated for Christmas. (Photo: Disclosure)

Don’t know how to plan decorations for christmas 2014🇧🇷 So check out some ideas below:

• Christmas decoration for home

Christmas magic can be present in every detail of the house, both inside and outside. The first fundamental ornament is the garland, which must decorate the entrance door. Afterwards, it is necessary to customize the internal environments, betting on the decorated Christmas tree, the decorative candles, the booties hanging from the windows, the colored balls, the snowman decorations, the shining stars, among other ornaments. When decorating, it is important to seek harmony between colors and be careful not to make the house look polluted.

🇧🇷 Christmas dinner decoration

Decoration for Christmas dinner needs to be cozy, creative, appetizing and able to enhance the main Christmas symbols. The first step is to choose a nice tablecloth, which can be plain or designed with Christmas symbols. Afterwards, it is worth betting on a beautiful centerpiece, which can be set up with colored balls, candles, flowers or pine cones. The Christmas table deserves to be decorated with the most beautiful crockery and the best silverware.

Store decorated for Christmas. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Christmas decoration for stores

The stores also get into the Christmas mood to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, which is why they bet on themed decor. When assembling the showcase, some Christmas ornaments are mandatory, such as Santa Claus, the decorated pine tree, and the blinker. The dangling ornaments, such as stars and baubles, also make the store Christmas-ready.

Christmas decoration pictures 2014

Enjoy the tips from decorations for christmas 2014 and prepare the environments for the arrival of this very special date.

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