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Christmas Decoration With Recyclable Material

Do everything differently this Christmas and invest in Christmas decoration with recyclable material.Christmas is one of the most important parties because it is a special date that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. This is a celebration that leaves all cities beautiful and decorated with Christmas ornaments such as garlands, blinker lights and what cannot be missing are the traditional Christmas trees. There are several different ways to decorate your home or any other environment, so that your decoration is original and super creative, you need to use your imagination and look for some tips. An interesting and conscious way that can be part of your decoration is using recyclable objects that will certainly be much more useful, because in addition to preventing raw materials from being discarded in the trash, you will also be helping to preserve the environment.

Christmas Decoration With Recyclable Material (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Using objects such as: pet bottles, glass bottles, newspaper, pet bottle caps, among many other materials, it is possible to make beautiful Christmas pieces by transforming the materials mentioned above. The pieces are made in places like schools because they look super cute and their prices are super low.

The idea of ​​Christmas decoration with recyclable materials is increasingly widespread. This is an alternative that helps unite many different things, such as creativity, ecological awareness, economy, in short. There are many Christmas ornament ideas that can be executed by anyone to decorate the house, street, school, work environment in a unique and special way.
This is an important attitude for all people, since Christmas is a time of celebration and a special celebration would be important for people to be aware of how important it is to recycle. See below how to make a recyclable Christmas bow:

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Necessary material

Tree made from recycled materials

– 5 packets of coffee powder
– Plastic bags that will be used to fill the packages (to make the bags golden cushioned)
– A 40 cm piece of thin wire.
– Durex
– Scissors

Learn how to do it below

The first step is to take 4 packages and open one end. Soon after, fill 2 of them with plastic bags and after closing them, go puckering and securing them with tape firmly.

Material that went to the trash gets another face (Photo: Disclosure)

Material that went to the trash gets another face (Photo: Disclosure)

Overlap the 2 ends that were creased in a way that the bottoms are in opposite positions when you manage to secure the two parts well with tape. The second stage will begin on top of the tape, then, pass the wire so that two equal ends remain, then twist and also stretch these ends so that they follow the packages in the length direction.

then take the 5th package and open it completely. You need to cut it in a spiral shape and its width should be on average 5 cm. Select one of the ends and diagonally, always be very careful not to exceed the indicated width so that your bow comes out perfectly. This will be the strip that will make up the bow knot. To finish this procedure, secure and wrap this strip around the wire.

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make other parts

Look how beautiful the recyclable wreath is (Photo: Disclosure)

Look how beautiful the recyclable wreath is (Photo: Disclosure)

The other two packages that will remain will be used to make the ends of the bow. Now, make pleats along the length of the packages, then just place one side by the other in an inverted V shape, just attach to the back of the first unified packages. And with the wire left over, make a ring or, if you prefer, even a hook to hang the bow you just made.

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