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Christmas Decoration in the Backyard

Christmas 2020 is already hitting the door and homes are increasingly decorated to celebrate this time of year that is expected by many. There are those who just put up the Christmas tree, but others get excited and like to decorate the whole house, including the external part, such as the porch and the backyard. Investing in Christmas decoration for your backyard can be worthwhile, making your home even more beautiful and enchanting everyone who passes by, in addition to yielding beautiful photos of you and your family.

With Christmas ornaments, the front of your house can come to life and transmit good feelings to the whole neighborhood. Next, we brought some Christmas decoration tips for your backyard, check it out.

What this article covers:

outdoor Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration in the garden is not so common here in Brazil and has become even more popular abroad. It seems that Brazilians are realizing how it is possible to make the house even more beautiful for Christmas.

It is possible to bet on different types of decoration for the backyard, from lights, nativity scenes, garlands, Christmas balls and much more.

The Christmas tree cannot be missing

The Christmas tree is the main symbol of the celebration and it represents life. Putting one in your backyard can make the decor even better. If you have a tree in your backyard, take the opportunity to decorate it and make it a typical Christmas tree. You can fill it with lights, hang Christmas balls and other decorations left over from the tree that was set up in your living room.

If you don’t have any trees outside to do this, try putting a small pine tree in your garden. You can buy a natural one at the flower shop or make one from wood, for example.

Decorative candles, branches and pine cones everywhere

For a more complete Christmas decoration, you cannot miss the branches of green foliage, the pine cones that are traditional for the celebration and also some decorative candles.

Candles can be in shades of red, green, gold and even white. Don’t forget to place lots of pine cones and branches between these ornaments. Also put some potted plants and if you have Christmas items such as Santa Claus, snowmen or sleighs, they will look great with the rest of the decor.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights, known as blinkers, will look great in your backyard. You can place them between the trees and plants you have, as well as on windows, doors and stairs. The entire facade of your home can be beautifully decorated with these lights.

The blinkers can be along the length of tree trunks and branches, even creating a path to your front door. Use your imagination and our decorating tips to get your backyard ready for Christmas.

Here we post some ideas for you to decorate your backyard.

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