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Christmas Decoration for the Door

When December arrives, houses are filled with all kinds of Christmas decorations to make the atmosphere waiting for the celebration and much more cozy. In addition to the traditional Christmas tree, it is possible to create a crib, invest in lights in different environments of the house, including the external area, place ornaments on the walls and, not to be missed, the decoration of the front door of your house.

There are many types of decorations that can be made for your door. Check out some decorating tips below!

What this article covers:

Christmas ornaments for the door

Door arrangements, better known as garlands, are very popular this time of year and you can find from the simplest to the most sophisticated arrangements. These arrangements are also made in the most different shapes, sizes and colors, with the use of foliage and various other materials.

There are many options for you to structure your decoration and make your home door beautiful for Christmas. And if you don’t want to spend a lot, you can create your own Christmas ornament for the door.

Christmas decoration for EVA door

EVA is a very common material that can be used in different ways, including to make Christmas ornaments for your door. It is a very malleable material and can be found in the most diverse colors. Many people make EVA-type ornaments and sell them, but you can do it too.

With a few YouTube tutorials and a small investment, you can create beautiful ornaments. You can download templates to replicate and add branches, pine cones and glitter to the composition to make it even more beautiful.

non-traditional wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a tradition, but they don’t have to be totally traditional. Currently you can find garlands made of flowers, sweets, with different bouquets of flowers and much more on the market. These more creative versions are perfect for you who want to get away from the traditional and add a little more fun to the occasion.

Christmas wreaths can be made with succulents, decorative balls, green branches and much more. Some models are perfect for those who live in the countryside, for example. Another highlight goes to the shape of the wreath, which also does not need to remain in the traditional round shape. It can be made, for example, in the shape of a heart.

You can make your own door decoration.

With all these decorating tips, you can have some ideas yourself and make your door decoration in a handmade way. Choose the type of material: EVA, foliage, bows, string and others, watch some tutorial videos and do it yourself. In addition to being a great time to relax, you can acquire new skills and make a beautiful Christmas door arrangement.

Now you know the varieties of Christmas ornaments for the door and you can get away from the traditional if that’s your goal for this year’s Christmas decorations.

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