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Christmas decoration 2020 | +15 Simple and Creative Ideas

With the end of the year approaching, people begin to decorate their homes and make them even more welcoming to receive their friends and family. It’s always good to keep an eye on the decoration trends of the moment to ensure that your home is in style and you can adapt some items you already have so you don’t spend too much.

What this article covers:

Decorating Tips for Christmas 2020

There are several trends that are on the rise and below you will be able to check out more than 15 simple and creative ideas.

hanging ornaments

Hanging Christmas ornaments from the living room ceiling looks beautiful and is a good option to save money. You can use Christmas balls of different sizes and hang them on a wicker base, which is usually used to make wreaths. With the help of hooks you can hang the decorations and then install the decoration on the ceiling of the house.

different chandeliers

The candelabras will look great in the Christmas decoration, especially if you choose some green leaves to place inside them. You can use bottles of all kinds, especially glass and insert different foliage inside and use this holder to place candles on top.

EVA ornaments

EVA is a type of material that can be used to create different things, including Christmas decorations that can be hung on your tree or pasted on a wall at home. You can take EVA sheets in the desired colors and draw little animals and other things that represent Christmas. Cut and make some illustrations on top with pen.

With some string, you can hang your EVA ornaments on the tree.

Different Christmas trees

It is possible to get away from the traditional Christmas tree and assemble a completely personalized and unique one. An option for those who don’t have much space at home, or time to decorate a tree completely, is to buy a small natural pine tree at a flower shop. Insert the tree in a kraft paper bag and choose a part of your room to place the pine tree. You can take advantage and use the previous tip to decorate the pine tree in a simple way.

Another option is to create a Christmas tree on the wall with pages from old books, magazines and other types of clippings you have. Arrange the leaves on the wall in the shape of the tree and then decorate around with some candles.

The famous stockings on the fireplace

Socks on the fireplace can also be part of your decor, and you can make them yourself from patterned fabrics. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can hang them on the stairs or in a space that was reserved for Christmas decoration in your home.

decorated wall

There are many options for you to decorate your home wall and you can even choose more than one. If you have any ornaments left over from the tree, you can hang them on the wall using a tree branch. Ideally, it should be a dry tree branch, then you just need to hang the decorations using nylon string. The coolest thing is that you can play around, leaving some ornaments longer and others shorter to give it a special charm.

Another option, also with the dry tree branch, is to hang several garlands of different sizes and insert this decoration in the dining room or in another part of the house. Use some bows to hang the wreath on the branch and you’re done.


The little lights are very characteristic of Christmas and cannot be missing. You can use more than one type of light, of various sizes and shapes. In addition to placing them on the tree, insert them into glass domes or pretty pots that you have and create a space with just them.

Make themed packages

You can create the gift wraps yourself and make them completely themed. Use tissue paper, string, dry leaves and more to create beautiful, creative, Christmas packaging.

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