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Christmas calendar 2023 on SVT – “Trolltider – the legend of the Bergatrollet”

The recording of this year’s Christmas calendar is in full swing. This year, viewers will be able to enter a fairy-tale world with origins from the popular Christmas calendar “Trolltider” from 1979.

Kjell Bergqvist, Malte Gårdinger, Helmon Solomon, Ossian Skarsgård, Nour El Refai, Matilda Gross in this year’s Christmas calendar Trolltider – the legend of the Bergatrollet. Photo: Johan Paulin/SVT

The popular classic Trolltider from 1979

This year’s Christmas calendar, “Trolltider – the legend of the Bergatrollet”, is currently being recorded in Vårby Gård outside Stockholm. The Christmas calendar has links to the popular classic “Trolltider”, which was broadcast in 1979 and 1985. Several of the characters return in this remake and the roles include Kjell Bergqvist, Nour El Refai, Malte Gårdinger, Matilda Gross and Ossian Skarsgård. The director

– Trolltider from 1979 was my very first big television experience. I want to take with me the memories I have from there; the whimsical atmosphere, the humor, the magic, and transfer all that to an experience that can give the audience today the same great feeling I had then. The goal when we work is for Sune’s Christmas to meet The Lord of the Rings. Least! : ) says Lisa Farzaneh, who directs this year’s Christmas calendar.

Meet several classic characters

According to legend, long ago the mighty Mountain Troll ruled the Nordics and spread chaos. Together, the four peoples – the goblins, the fairies, the witches and the humans – managed to put him to sleep with the help of a magical amber. But one day a human happens to find the stone and breaks the magic that keeps the troll asleep. Twelve-year-olds Saga and Love, a human and a troll, team up to stop the Mountain Troll from waking up and taking over the world again. But will they manage to find the stone in time and save the world?

In their hunt for the amber, Saga and Love meet several characters who were involved Troll times from 1979: the lovely fairy Dorabella, the sullen witch Mara, the dutiful Vätten, the grumpy master of power Gorm and the kind, but slightly stupid troll Kotte.

The children’s roles are played out Matilda Gross (Tale) and Ossian Skarsgård (the troll Love). In other roles as well Helmon Solomon, Mimmi Cyon, Hampus Hallberg, Emma Brommé, Annika Hallin, Samuel Astor, Razmus Nyström, Hulda Johannsdóttir, Lena Pia Bernhardsson, Ted Åström, Magnus Ehrner, Wille Virtanen etc.

The director is Lisa Farzaneh and the script is written by Ola Norén and Roland Ulvselius.

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