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Christmas calendar 2022 on SVT – The Crown Prince who disappeared

Friendship across class boundaries in a winter fairy tale set in the 18th century, that’s how you can summarize this year’s Christmas calendar. “The Crown Prince Who Disappeared” will be an exciting Disney-inspired winter fairy tale!

Photo: SVT

“The Crown Prince Who Disappeared” will be about the young Crown Prince Carl Wilhelm who is suddenly forced to flee the royal castle when his mother the Queen disappears. He meets the poor girl Hilda who helps him assume a false identity as an orphanage boy.

Director Tord Danielsson has previously directed, among other things, “The Hunt for the Time Crystal”, which was SVT’s Christmas calendar in 2017. He describes “Kronprisen som svarn” as a wintry story with tension and humor, which takes place sometime long ago.

The roles include Xavier Canca-Englund and Kerstin Linden, who also played Lill-Märta in the latest “The Immigrants”. Hilda’s grandmother is played by Maria Lundqvist. The recordings have just started and a large part is recorded in a studio in Stockholm where, among other things, an old inn and a royal residence have been built. “I absolutely believe that this will be a classic,” says actor Maria Lundqvist to svt.

If you are curious about this year’s Christmas calendar, SVT has released a small teaser below!

Source: SVT

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