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Christmas 2023: what color candle should your sign light to receive prosperity

Candles can help us manifest our wishes this Christmas, and if you want to take advantage of the positive energy of Christmas Eve to attract prosperity, your zodiac sign can tell you which color is right for you.

The interesting thing about this ritual is that, in addition to helping yourself, You can also wish the best to your loved onesall you have to do is choose the candle color that corresponds with your zodiac sign.

green candles

The green candles are the most suitable for Taurus because it will help them calm the stress of everyday life. This sign will feel relieved with this candle by causing calm in moments of irritation, as explained on the Velasteresa.com site.

pink candles

If your zodiac sign is Libra or Capricorn, pink candles are the most favorable for you. His energy is perfect for harmonizing relationships, in the case of Libra, and Capricorn helps him balance his personal life with his work life.

red candles

Red colored candles are associated with Aries and Pisces.. It will help both signs to have more affection within the couple and with their loved ones. If your sign is Aries, it will also help you calm your impulses and thus avoid hurting your loved ones, while Pisces will help with self-love.

purple candles

If your sign is Gemini or Virgo, light a purple candle at Christmas to have more health and achieve more success in all your projects.

Brown or brown candles

For Aquarius people, brown or brown candles are recommended, tone that helps them have stability and maturity. In addition, it will stimulate their intellectual capacity to have more clarity on the path they must choose.

orange candles

Lhe orange candles are for Scorpios, whose energy will bring more fortune in your work and help you to be more effective. They can also turn it on if what they want is to have better communication with their loved ones.

blue candles

Blue candles are perfect for Sagittarius at Christmas, because it will increase their mood and prevent them from losing their optimism for life.

yellow candles

If your sign is Cancer or Leo, light a yellow candle at Christmas. This color will stimulate your desires and increase your joy for life.

white sails

If you want to dedicate a candle to a loved one, but you don’t know their sign, the recommendation is to light a white one.

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