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Christmas 2022: 3 rituals to attract prosperity

Christmas is almost knocking on our door so it is the perfect time to start planning the rituals that we will carry out on Christmas Eve and thus to bring prosperity to our lives.

On the night of December 24, family members usually gather at the table to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, which, according to tradition, occurs right at the beginning of December 25.

However, the Spirit of Christmas arrives days before the celebration of a religious nature, to be exact with the winter solstice that in this 2022 occurs on Wednesday, December 21. Next, we tell you what rituals to do to receive Christmas.

1. Ritual of the 7 coins under the tree

This curious ritual consists of placing 7 gold colored coins under your Christmas tree to attract money. It was a tradition to put gold coins, despite the complexity of getting them today, you can opt for chocolate coins and eat them at midnight, right on the border of December 24 and 25.

2. Ritual with salt for bad energy

To eliminate negative energy and receive Christmas exclusively with positive energies, serve a pinch of grain salt in containers and place them in the main corners of your house. This must be done on the 23rd and removed on December 24 before receiving or attending the Christmas dinner.

A variation of this ritual is to put the salt directly on the ground, leave it all night on December 23, and the next day sweep it out of your house, experts on the subject say, so the ritual will be more powerful.

3. Ritual with Christmas candles

This rite is one of the simplest and most powerful. Is about place a centerpiece with red, green and gold candles accompanied by a mistletoe and a laurel. The colors of these candles represent love, health and abundance, respectively, and they must be lit at the moment we are having dinner so that their light illuminates us and we are more prosperous.

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