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Christian Nodal sent a modest gem to a television host

It is clear that Christian Nodal loves to make the people around him feel his love, because not only his partners on duty occasionally pamper them with million-dollar gifts, since, with his family and friends, he also comes to show such manifestations of affection.

However, The singer of the regional Mexican genre recently had an unusual gesture of friendship with the television presenter Adela Micha Zaga by sending her a piece of jewelry with a dedication included.

With the aim of congratulating her on the end-of-year celebrations and to apologize for repeatedly ignoring your requests to attend the show as a guest The Sagaon YouTube, the singer from Caborca, Sonora, gave him a bracelet with a heart-shaped charm made by the Pandora brand, which has a value of between $150 and $250 dollars.

When showing off the object in front of the television cameras, Adela Micha better asked the interpreter to commit to being one of the guests that she will have in the studio over the next year.

“Oh Christian! It would be very nice if you came to give it to me on the program. It would be very nice, ”said the 59-year-old woman who always tries to get the public figures she interviews to let her know little-known facets about her trajectory or regarding her personality type.

Under the argument of having a busy schedule of commitments, Nodal’s real reason for refusing to be questioned by Adela Micha is that she will try to address the scandalous issue of the stormy love affair she had with the singer Belinda at any cost.which concluded last February.

However, not only the Nodal surname has been seen in the eye of the hurricane this year, as A couple of months ago, Micha herself was involved in the controversy after Layda Sansores, governor of Campeche, published a series of recordings where the television presenter is heard requesting financial support from Alejandro Moreno, president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party ( PRI)something very far from the concept of ethics that the former host of programs like Big Brother sounds to boast of.

In this regard, Adela Micha responded to the state president that the dialogues were manipulated and taken out of context, since they were due to a political revenge for having shaken her through her editorials.

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