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Christian Nodal sends an annihilating message to Belinda during a concert: “I regret it” | VIDEO

Christian Nodal expressed his love for Cazzu by dedicating a romantic dedication to her in his speech for winning a Latin Grammy.

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Christian Nodal finds himself in love again after the scandalous separation with Belinda. As everyone knows, the one who stole his heart is the urban music singer Cazzu, who is seen full of affection and showing themselves in public as a couple who have been having a good time for years.

It seems that Cazzu has made the interpreter of “Adiós Amor” very full and happy with his life in general. We see his musical career, progress, his experiences, his mother Cristy Nodal has He has overcome some diseases that he suffered months ago and his heart is finally at peace thanks to this Argentinian beauty.

At his last show, Christian Nodal performed the song “Eso y Más” by Joan Sebastian, a romantic gem whose lyrics tell how much you love a person and how willing he is to do what is necessary to make him stay by his side for the rest of his life. Before singing it, he mentioned that it is a very dedicable single and added that now it is for his current girlfriend.

“Who has not dedicated this song? I regret dedicating it earlier, but this song goes to my love Cazzu. I am not Romeo, but I love my Juliet”, closed the Mexican singer. Those present when hearing those words, only thought of one thing and that was Belinda.

Once said by Christian Nodal, the words went viral because it was a direct comment for Belinda who is also trying to rebuild her life after the relationship with the singer. He clearly received thousands of comments asking him to stop talking about the Mexican publicly if it has been in the past.

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