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Christian Nodal reappears on television and explains the meaning of one of his tattoos

After a long absence after having participated in the reality show Mexico’s voice, the singer Christian Jesús González Nodal reappeared on television as a guest of Adrián Uribe in the program at night but without sleep.

The representative of the music genre went to Televisa to record the closing of the night show, where His host was surprised by the amusing responses given to the questions aimed at revealing certain passages of his personality.

The comedian showed great interest in knowing why Nodal has turned a large part of his body into a true human canvas where multiple tattoos stand out.

“Christian Nodal and I coincided a lot because look…”, Adrián Uribe was trying to describe when he was unexpectedly interrupted by his guest, who, amidst laughter, pointed out: “Because we tattoo ourselves pure pend&#*…”.

Immediately afterwards, the presenter of the program questioned him about the meaning of an X-shaped tattoo that he has on the side of his left eye.

“My best friends have this and it is a symbol of that: friendship,” said the singer from Caborca, Sonora, who rose to fame for the romance he had with fellow singer Belinda until this year.

Nothing was mentioned about said episode because the objective was for Nodal to show himself comfortable in front of the cameras and boy was that achieved, since the 23-year-old demonstrated his ability even to rap and free style, something really new for his fans who have always identified him more as a representative of the Mexican regional.

In this way, Christian Nodal joined J Balvin, Eduin Caz and Ozuna, in other guests who attended De Noche pero sin sueño, a program that in 2023 has another guaranteed season due to the pleasant response of viewers.

What I always tried is for the artist who attended to feel as if he were at home, as if a friend of his had invited him to his living room. Obviously nothing tabloid or anything like that because it’s not my genre, it’s not my thing, but if suddenly they can tell you a funny anecdote, something different from what they had never said before, and suddenly they say it there, I love it. What a father that they use the forum and that space to say it, ”said Adrián Uribe at the end of the first season of his nightly program.

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